A “Wayne’s World” Approach to Entertainment Career

Editor’s note: “Wayne’s world, party on, excellent…” Most of us are familiar with the catchy song from the popular hit movie about the guy who wanted to make it big and used public access television as his vehicle to make it happen.  It is an entertaining storyline, but can it happen in the real world.  In the following article from Mediaite we learn about a young man and his friends who think public access television is the future of media:

If someone flips by the Manhattan public access on Wednesday nights and catches The Chris Gethard Show, it’s unlikely that they’re going to say to themselves, “Ah, now here’s the future of television.” A goofy, low-budget show featuring a bunch of comedians and self-admitted weirdos taking calls from strange and sometimes hostile New York citizens doesn’t initially scream out “innovation.” However, for those that stick around, it gradually becomes clear that Chris Gethard and friends are doing something very interesting.

In addition to airing in New York, the show is streamed live out on the Internet and is steadily building a devoted following of comedy nerds across the country. By combining the approach and aesthetic of a cult public access show with the streaming and interactive capabilities of a high-tech Internet property, the show has found a fascinating middle ground between the old and new.

In a lengthy conversation, we talked to Gethard about the genesis of the show, his thoughts on public access and social media, and the crazy and wonderful people with whom he shares the network.

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