A World on Fire

By Candace Salima, Senior Contributor, USDR.

We look around the world today and see that it is on fire in every corner of the world. From Yemen to Afghanistan to Syria to Iraq to the streets of Baltimore, Maryland. Christians and Yzidis are being beheaded, crucified, and burned alive. If by some whim of fate they live, they are sold into sexual slavery and forced to convert to Islam. There are times when we look around and wonder how we can keep up the engagement in fighting for America, even for the world to be a safe, stronger place.

Hillary Clinton is demanding that those of us with “deep seated religious beliefs” change to suit her narrative. Barack Obama is telling the cops in Baltimore to exercise caution when dealing with the thug element burning the city to the ground. Democrats urge minorities to vote Democrat or they are betraying their race. Liberals scream and shout over just about everything. As long as you agree with them everything is okay, but disagree and they don’t think you should be allowed to live. White guilt drives them, although there is nothing to be guilty about. Black Americans scream about reparations, although slavery hasn’t existed in America since 1865, at least sanctioned slavery. Sexual slavery claims millions every year but you won’t hear a squeak about that.

It would be easy to grow discouraged over everything going on. If you watch the news at all, it’s easy to slip into a depression over the whole damn mess. But may I recommend a few things that will “fill the well within” as it were. Seriously, if you don’t find some balance in your life you’ll end up in the ER with heart pain wondering if you’re on the way out.

It’s important to spend your evenings, even your early mornings, doing things you love.

Gardening: There is nothing like getting your hands in the dirt early in the morning. Planting, nurturing those plants, weeding and harvesting can feed your soul in ways no other can. There’s something about reconnecting with the earth and enjoying her bounty that can really lift your spirits and bring balance back into your life.

Reading: Read anything that has nothing to do with politics and the news. Anything that engages your brain and entertains you at the same time. I’m fond of James Rollins, Steve Berry, Nora Roberts, Jayne Ann Krentz, Simon Toyne, and anyone else that catches your attention. Reading really does allow you to escape from the world for a few hours and rejuvenate yourself.

Movies: Really, there is just nothing like going into a theater to watch a good movie with movie popcorn and a good lemonade or soda. For two hours you check out of the world and into another. For me, I can’t wait for the Avengers movie to be released. It’s a short amount of time with a maximum benefit.

Church: There is nothing that feels the soul better than some time spent at church on Sunday, or Saturday as the case may be. God always intended us to take that seventh day as a day of rest. We rejuvenate the soul then spend the day with family. You’ll be surprise at how much it brings your life back into balance.

Learn: Learning a new skill can really help engage your brain and bring that much needed balance back. For me, I decided to learn how to work sound equipment. I have an X32 Mixer, speakers, mics, etc. and am busy learning how to work the equipment. But each person needs to find something they want to learn and spend time mastering that skill.

It’s all about not letting the news and politics consume every moment of your life. It can, if you let it. But this path leads only to madness. Yes, be engaged. Yes, communicate with your elected officials. Yes, pay attention. But remember to step away from the madness each day and “fill the well within” so that you can be of use to your God, your family and your nation.

Candace E. Salima is an author, columnist, public speaker and political activist. A frequent radio guest on shows around the nation, she is valued for her viewpoint on a variety of subjects, particularly politics. She is co-owner and Vice-President of Marketing of CommuniTXT. Follow Candace on Facebook, Twitter orGoogle+. Learn more about her on www.candacesalima.com.

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