Accelerate Your Business Career With The Right Co-Op MBA


When choosing an MBA program, prospective candidates must weigh the costs of going back to school, especially if they’re looking to be immersed in a comprehensive, full-time program. It can mean moving to a different city, leaving their present job (while it may not be their ideal line of work, it is often stable), and taking out loans to cover tuition. Students entering a business program also have expectations. They want the academic expertise while also acquiring necessary experience that will land them a job in their desired field, in a position they feel most qualified to work, and once they’re hired, they want to be able to  perform.

This is why choosing a program that offers co-op placement is so popular among returning students. Not only does a co-op provide them with a means by which to pay tuition fees, it also gives them essential working experience in their chosen industry, connections that can further their careers in the long term, and opportunities to begin making a name for themselves in the business world. If all this can be done while completing their degrees and improving their credentials, there has virtually never been a better time to pursue graduate studies in  business.

An excellent program offering a full time MBA with the option for co-op is the Lazaridis School of Business & Economics in Waterloo, ON. It houses the largest business degree co-op program in Canada and it is the only Canadian University MBA program accredited by the Canadian Association for Co-operative Education. For the past several years, the program has consistently achieved a 100% work term employment rate for their candidates’ first work term. They offer 3,700 job postings from over 875 organizations for co-op work term opportunities. The reputation of this business degree is why many of Canada’s leading companies seek to hire their students for co-ops, which many times lead to full-time employment opportunities in the  future.

The full-time coop MBA in Waterloo is designed for recent graduates with less than two years of full-time work experience, who are eager to refine their business knowledge, specialize, and show potential employers that they’re serious about leadership. With 10 different streams from accounting to marketing to strategic management, any student can find a field that suits their interests; where they may apply their skills and advance. Graduates of the program have gone onto to become CEOs, managers, entrepreneurs and  more.

Whether a student needs valuable real-life work experience, or is interested in shifting focus to a new industry, a full time MBA with co-op will provide them with the time and focus to really prepare for the calibre of job they’re looking to move in to, particularly because they’ll have the opportunity to work while they study. Not only will they receive a valuable base of knowledge from within the classroom, they’ll be able to apply what they’ve learned to their co-op placements, putting business concepts to the test in the field while also fostering relationships with potential employers for the  future.

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