Adam Shapiro of Fox Business on the Romney “Firing” Controversy

By the Price of Business Show. Radio Partner of US Daily Review.

If you are in business, you do not want a call from Shapiro!

Adam Shapiro of the Fox Business Network is one of the nation’s leading investigative journalists when it comes to the financial industry, however, he is not finding any controversy  in presidential candidate Mitt Romney’s recent praise of the employer’s right “to fire” an employee.  Somehow, both liberals AND conservatives attacked Romney on this fundamental precept of capitalism.  See more about the controversy here.  Recently he was interviewed by Kevin Price, Host of the Price of Business and Publisher/Editor in Chief of US Daily Review. Learn more about Adam Shapiro here.

This interview appeared in US Daily Review before it was aired!

You can see Kevin Price, and his interview with Shapiro in its entirety here. 

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