ADHD Blows Away the Smoke

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Over 11 percent of American children under the age of 17 are diagnosed with ADHD, and 7 out of 10 children will have a short term positive response to ADHD stimulant medications.  New research indicates ADHD stimulants, taken as prescribed, may reduce the risk of smoking in teens and young adults.  This controversial finding is discussed with pharmacist Frank Granett, Dr. Kevin Ross Emery and Kevin Price.  Check it out here.

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* Director of Clinical Pharmacy Operations at Behavioral Center of Michigan
Psychiatric Hospital

* Over 26 years consultative experience specializing in ADHD stimulant and
psychiatric medications

* Expert ADHD & Nutritional Physiology Advisor

* Author The American Epidemic: Solutions for Over-Medicating Our Youth

* Founder Coalition Against Over Medicating Our Youth (…a
Michigan non-profit organization helping children and adults by assessing
nutritional, physiological, and environmental risk factors prior to
premature drug intervention

* Creator of the educational DVD Over Medicating Our Youth: Solutions for
America’s Epidemic

* Married with six children

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