Adventures in Canada: Best Places to Visit

We tend to think of exotic destinations or countries in Asia when talking about having an adventurous holiday. Sure, exotic places are great and offer many attractions to explore, but you don’t always have to endure 10+ hours of flying just to be able to have a great adventure and a memorable vacation. Our neighboring country Canada has just as much to offer.

Having an adventure in Canada means a shorter flight to the destination and having more time to spend exploring the destination. There are several interesting places to visit, and we are going to review some of the best in this article.

Niagara Falls

Niagara Falls is an all-time classic. You can view the majestic waterfall from the US side in New York, or have a blast visiting the other side of the fall in Ontario, Canada. The latter is highly recommended, because you will also have a lot of other activities to enjoy. With flights to Toronto now available on, the place is certainly easy to visit.

For starters, there is the Niagara Parks Botanical Gardens & Butterfly Conservatory just waiting to be explored. The park is not only beautiful, but also highly informational. If you are traveling with the kids, you will definitely enjoy spending an entire day at the park, especially with the Butterfly Conservatory hosting so many of these gorgeous creatures.

There are also a lot of museums that host collections related to the history of Niagara Falls and Canada in general. The kids will certainly love a trip to the fall and Clifton Hill from above, so head over to the Niagara SkyWheel. The ride takes around 10 minutes to complete, during which you can also see the American Falls and the beautiful Niagara River.

For those traveling alone or with a partner, the Niagara Fallsview Casino is another place that will make your adventure even more memorable. Hit one of the 150 tables and play your favorite casino games to win some cash prizes. There are also thousands of slots machines to play if you want to have a more relaxing time in the evening.

The City of Montreal

Montreal is the perfect city to visit for those looking for an urban adventure. The city has everything for every type of traveler, from the best shops and designer stores to street food vendors and a lively night scene. It is also the home of many historic buildings, fascinating museums, and art galleries with incredible collections.

One of the must-try activities in Montreal is the city’s helicopter tour; this will make your trip to Montreal that much more memorable. The helicopter tour isn’t too expensive, and it allows you to enjoy the view of iconic structures and the beautiful landscape surrounding the city in utter comfort. If you can book the sunset tour around the city, you will be rewarded with breathtaking scenery for sure.

From Montreal, you can also take a horseback ride along Lake Erie. Some horseback tours let you travel for around two hours all the way to the Niagara Falls, with beautiful landscape and plenty of memorable landmarks to visit along the way. This too is an experience that is best shared with a partner.

Speaking of beautiful structures around the city, the Notre-Dame Basilica is one of the first you need to visit as you explore the city further. The place is strategically located near other gorgeous structures, so you can start your urban adventure here and quickly sample the best of the city. Saint Joseph’s Oratory of Mount Royal and the Mount Royal Park itself complete our list of things to do in Montreal.

Historic Thunder Bay

Going back to historic places and learning more about their stories are always fun, which is why a trip to the historic city of Thunder Bay is a trip worth taking, especially if you are looking for an adventure around historic landmarks. The Fort William Historic Park will take you all the way back to the 19th century almost immediately.

Fort William Historic Park started life as a fur trading post. It is now a living history museum with multiple sections to explore. The historic park is perfect for kids as well now that it has its own Astronomy Center and the infamous Star Walk. Even adults are enjoying the new section; spending the entire day exploring the 250-acre fort could turn into an adventure of its own.

Aside from the historic park, there is also Thunder Bay Historical Museum. The museum focuses more on the history of Thunder Bay and Canada, but the exhibits here are no less fascinating. The museum was established in 1972 as a replacement for the Thunder Bay Historical Society, and you can tell by the classic structure that it is a mesmerizing place to visit.

If you enjoy long and challenging hikes, Thunder Bay has a lot to offer. The Loch Lomond ski resort is perfect for those looking for challenges. There is also the Cascades Conservation Area with its long hiking trails and spots where you can swim. In the winter, there are also cross-country skiing trails that you can follow.

St. John’s Charm

There are many charming little cities in Canada, and St. John’s is definitely one of the best ones to try. The small city isn’t only charming and friendly, but also perfect as the starting point for day hikes and other adventures. Don’t forget that you can also visit the Signal Hill for a truly memorable hike that leads to the famous military landmark as a way to kick off your adventure.

The personal favorite of travelers is definitely Cape Spear. The lighthouse on the edge of the cape is located at the end of a lovely hiking trail, making this spot perfect for morning or afternoon hikes. Going in the afternoon means you get to enjoy sunset at this place too, so make sure you have your camera ready because the colors in the sky during sunset are simply incredible.

There is another thing that makes St. John’s so famous, and that is the rows of colorful houses known as the Jellybean Row. Beneath its charm, the city also hides a lot of great restaurants and friendly watering holes, which is why St John’s is also the perfect destination for some urban exploration. After exploring this charming city, you have the option to go on a sailing tour to see the many sea mammals living in the area.

The St. John’s Harbor is where you start and return to for the sailing tour. Near the harbor lies The Rooms, which is St. John’s own museum with collections of sea creatures and sailing-related items to keep you amazed. As the night gets darker, the city turns into a lively place with parties and bars being very welcoming to locals and international travelers alike. Simply head to George Street and choose the venue that you like the most.

More to Explore

There are still so many more places to explore in Canada. Depending on the kind of adventure you want to have, you can choose between large cities like Québec and small, charming ones such as Stephenville, each with their own attractions and activities to enjoy. As you can see, you don’t have to travel far to have an exciting and adventurous vacation. Canada actually has a lot to offer.

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