Amazing American Road Trips You Can Take with Your Family


There has been a long fascination with taking a road trip across North America. There have even been movies made about it, though if you want to do it yourself it will take you a few weeks. Choosing where to go is one of the questions you need to ask before you set off. There are a few historical routes and landmarks that you might want to take it as you drive. Here are some of the best routes to use through North  America.

California State Route  1

Route 1 runs along the Pacific coast north of San Diego and Leggett. Depending on when you choose to drive this route, you’ll get warm sun all the way, or cold and darkness will follow you along as you drive. Running for 745-miles, Route 1 takes in Santa Monica, Big Sur, Malibu and San Francisco. If you love driving along coastal routes, then Route 1 is the one for  you.

Route  66

One of the most famous roads is Route 66 which ends in California. It was first built in 1926 and was the first numbered highway. Before this, the roads were all marked by colored bands and were maintained by private individuals. It used to stretch for 2,451-miles from Chicago to Santa Monica, but now it has lost a lot of its sections to private roads, drives, and grass. There are still sections that are open, such as the 320-mile stretch from the Petrified Forest to Kingman in south-western  Arizona.

Highway  61

Officially known as US Route 61, this highway connects New Orleans to Wyoming in Minnesota. It runs for over 1,400-miles and takes in some amazing scenery. It’s often referred to as the “Blues Highway” because of its connection with the music scene in New Orleans. It’s also thought, according to legend, that blues guitarist Robert Johnson met the devil at the crossroads of highways 61 and  49.

Coast to  Coast

For those who want to jump into their used Toyota Corolla and cruise from coast to coast, there are a few options. One of them is US Route 20 which is the longest road in the country and runs for 3,365-miles from Newport in Oregon to Boston. It does, however, have a break when it gets to Yellowstone Park. Running to the north and parallel to Route 20 is the 3,101-mile Interstate 90. Your other option is to choose Route 6 which runs 3,205-miles and is the longest continuous route in America. All of these routes have beautiful views, and they are easy to drive so you can get from one side of the country to the other in just two or three weeks. You won’t even have to do a lot of driving each day; you can sit back and  relax.

If you want to experience the magic of North America by road, then these are the best routes for you. Not only do you get great views, but you can also sample some of those roadside  cafes.

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