Americans Spending More on Travel Size

By H2O+ Beauty, Special for  USDR

Consumers are travel-savvy when it comes to meeting TSA product guidelines, but that comes at a cost, according to a new study by H2O+ Beauty. 80% of travelers regularly meet TSA’s requirement for liquid products without having to discard any items at security checkpoints, but the majority achieve this by adding to their travel costs. 65% of Americans buy travel-sized versions of their favorite products or use their own travel-friendly containers, and that number climbs to 69% for women. With holiday travel just around the corner, that means consumers are willing to spend more money purchasing special products just for  travel.

“It’s clear that consumers value a variety of product packaging and sizes for travel, which presents a great opportunity for the beauty industry to capitalize on this and create products that are equally convenient at home and on the road,” said Joy Chen, CEO of H2O+  Beauty.

While brands can clearly benefit from their customers’ willingness to purchase travel-size products, price comparisons show that travel-sized products are generally more expensive than full-sized products. In fact, according to a 2012 study commissioned by the price comparison website, one of the few studies of its kind, travel-sized products are at least twice as expensive as full-sized products. Furthermore, travel-sized products still run the risk of spilling in flight. In fact, one in three (33%) Americans experienced hygiene products leaking during travel. Creating full-size products that meet TSA restrictions through unique delivery systems, rather than just by offering smaller sizes, can help travelers save money during the busy holiday season and throughout the  year.

H2O+ Beauty has placed a high priority on designing and formulating effective products for consumers who are on-the-go, including its Cleansing Stick and Fresh Powder Exfoliator, which are both solids, but act like liquids when water is added, thus circumventing TSA product restrictions while still maintaining their effectiveness. Innovative products like these mean no more suitcase spills, messy applications, or getting stopped by TSA – and with just one product, they eliminate the need to make extra  purchases.

“There’s a very real demand for our industry to take the next step and create more innovative products that take the burden off of consumers when they travel,” added Joy Chen. “H2O+ Beauty is proud to lead that evolution with effective products that meet TSA guidelines in standard  sizes.”

H2O+ Beauty is already planning new product releases for 2017 that meet TSA requirements, and will continue developing innovative products that are tailor-made for active lifestyles and busy travel  schedules.

This national survey, conducted by Morning Consult on behalf of H2O+ Beauty, polled nearly 2,000 Americans in October  2016.

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