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Anyone who wants to learn more about religion or share their understanding of any faith has a new online destination,  Deily today launched a new online community dedicated to an open and respectful discussion of religion through the sharing and explanation of religious content ranging from canonical texts to the sermons, prayers, hymns and teachings that happen every day.

Unlike many existing websites in this category, is not focused on a single religion, but encompasses an open marketplace of faith-based information and ideas. The site combines elements of education, knowledge-sharing, social interaction, and fundraising, depending on the needs and interests of the individuals and institutions who register or visit the site.

“We believe that a collective exploration of religion, and the way we make sense of religious questions, will connect us to our faith, our understanding and ultimately to one another in a manner that benefits the common good,” said Shawn Bose, CEO and Co-founder.

“Deily’s mission is to modernize the way people interact with their religious study or experience, transforming it from a passive to an active state,” Bose said. “This allows members to explore and engage in this part of their lives in the same way they do almost everything else – online, on demand, and personalized to their own needs and wants.”

On the site, members can create content, share knowledge, and broaden their understanding by experiencing the content, while organizations can extend their reach and receive donations from around the world. For example, in one section of the site, scholars, clergy, believers, and experts may be explaining specific verses of religious doctrines.

In other sections, registered users may be learning about how to talk to children about the ways different religions celebrate the year-end holidays, while others may be watching a sermon or lecture from their own place of worship and making a gift to that organization.

“In developing the concept for, we saw a void or need unmet by other faith-based websites,” said Justin Halloran, COO and Co-founder.  “ is a living, breathing site with a contemporary outlook, and a place to learn and ask questions. At the same time, we have developed operating principles and tools for the community to guide other members, to ensure that does not become a platform to judge others or disparage the faiths of those who do not share each other’s specific religious beliefs.”
Members and organizations can engage with on three primary levels:

  • Learning: Everyone can watch, listen, and read Deily’s quickly growing 200,000+ pieces of content, including canonical texts, sermons, hymns, prayers and teachings from the world’s major religions.  See examples, such as this video of the history of Hinduism in India and explanations of Exodus 20 in the King James Version of the Bible.

  • Sharing: Individuals and organizations who join (at no cost) may create their own profiles and pages to add, praise, explain, flag (when inappropriate), and request explanations of religious content.

  • Fundraising:  Churches, temples, synagogues, universities and other charitable organizations may claim their own pages to share content, extend their reach and raise funds.  An organization’s tax-free status is verified before they may accept donations.

“Deily has the potential to be the platform that is needed to bring the study of religion into the digital age,” said John Holt, the William R. Kenan, Jr., Professor of Humanities in Religion and Asian Studies at Bowdoin College.  “The mission to bring together all the audiences for which this type of information is central, including scholars of religion, clergy, and individuals, can create new opportunities for learning that have not existed before.”

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