An Open Letter to the Middle East

By The Human Guardians, Special for  USDR

The Human Guardians (, a new international organization committed to stopping terrorism in all its forms, has sent an open letter to the leaders of Middle Eastern nations known to provide material support to regional terror groups. Those nations include Saudi Arabia, Qatar, Kuwait, Bahrain and the United Arab Emirates. The Human Guardians requests that each of these nations and their citizens end their financial and moral support of terrorism immediately – or face an international consumer  boycott.

“We, the Human Guardians, want to stop the deadly terrorism and destructive wars now ongoing in Syria, Yemen, Iraq and elsewhere in the Middle East and Africa,” says Founder Ton Jacobs. “We also want to halt terrorist attacks in the rest of the world. We believe eliminating financial, material, moral and religious support for nations and organizations that back terrorist activities is the only solution to the global threat of  terrorism.”

Terrorism cannot sustain itself without financial backing, yet moral support and the existence of safe havens are nearly as important. The nations addressed in the Human Guardians’ open letters have provided all the necessary support for terror groups to operate unchecked. Several of these groups – Al Nusra, Al Qaeda, ISIS, Boko Haram and the Taliban – are familiar to citizens of the free world, but many others lurk in the  shadows.

Most troublingly, Saudi Arabia, Qatar, Kuwait, Bahrain and the United Arab Emirates have given a black eye to the religion of Islam because the ruling tribes of these nations follow the heretical Wahhabi doctrine. This doctrine states that any non-Wahhabi can be killed with impunity, be they Sunni or Shia Muslims, Christians, Hindu or people of other faiths. Terrorist groups mercilessly execute the Wahhabi doctrine and create unrest throughout the Middle East and Horn of Africa. The terrorism employed by the Wahhabi nations serves their objective: To rule the Muslim world and control its oil and gas reserves. If that were to happen, their capacity to do evil would  increase.

In its open letter, the Human Guardians makes the following specific  requests:

  • Stop supporting armed rebels, jihadists and terrorists anywhere in the world.
  • Stop demanding regime change in Syria.
  • Withdraw from Yemen and stop any interference.
  • Pay damages to Syria, Yemen and Iraq.
  • Abandon the Wahhabi doctrine.
  • Fully respect all non-violent Muslim branches.

Consumers throughout the Western world have tremendous power to influence geopolitics via their purchase decisions. And, with a major holiday season approaching, that power is only amplified. Millions of people will be shopping for holiday gifts, and many will be traveling by plane, train or automobile to visit friends and family. Boycotting airlines based in the Persian Gulf states (Emirates, Qatar Air and Gulf Air, among others) would have a big impact on those nations’ GDPs. Likewise, buying oil and gas products from companies that have relatively less investment and facilities in the Gulf region would be equally powerful in sending the message that terrorism cannot be tolerated in the 21st  century.

About the Human  Guardians

The Human Guardians is a new initiative that wants to stop terrorism by uniting everyday consumers. The organization aims to eliminate the support and to uproot the source of terrorism, the Saudi-Wahhabi doctrine. Its first major project involves consumer boycotts against countries that refuse to stop supporting  terrorism.

SOURCE The Human  Guardians

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