Analyzing the Language of Narcissists

By Tina Swithin LLC, Special for  USDR

Author Tina Swithin, expert on Narcissistic Personality Disorder releases fourth book, “The Narc Decoder: Understanding the Language of the Narcissist.” Praised by mental health professionals, family law attorneys and celebrities alike, Tina Swithin delivered her hard-won knowledge and expertise through a series of books called, “Divorcing a Narcissist,” which are based on her own personal journey as a survivor of narcissistic abuse and a high-conflict custody battle. Her new book delves deep into the intricate dynamics of communicating with a narcissist during times of  conflict.

J. Paul Shirley, MSW and Co-Author of “Stop Walking on Eggshells” workbook weighed in on Tina’s latest book, “Despite the years I spent working in a maximum security state prison, some of Tina’s descriptions of narcissism’s brutality chilled me. At the same time, her calm reassurance offered feelings of encouragement. I have had the unique opportunity of working closely with a gifted writer in the past, and I have come to deeply appreciate writing that comes from the heart, soul, and mind all at the same time. There is a growing body of good work on narcissism, and in my opinion, Tina’s ranks up there with the very best of them. As I started reading this book, I was poised to welcome Tina Swithin as a new colleague into the ranks of writers about Cluster B personality disorders. However, in reading her book, I have found myself instead becoming her fan.” Dr. Craig Malkin, Psychology instructor at Harvard Medical School and author of the critically acclaimed book, “Rethinking Narcissism,” totes Swithin’s work, “After years of research as an advocate, Swithin knows enough about these disorders to put some clinicians to shame. If you need to start over, this is the woman you want holding your hand through the  process.”

Tina Swithin has become a voice for change in the Family Court System after seeing the flaws first-hand. Tina believes that the courts have lost sight of their primary focus, which should be the best interest of the child and instead, are focusing too heavily on parental rights. Tina is working to raise awareness of Narcissistic Personality Disorder in the Family Court System. High conflict divorces are on the rise and the children are suffering unnecessarily due to the lack of education on the front lines and behind the judicial bench. Tina has dedicated her life to Family Court advocacy and helping those involved in high-conflict custody battles. Tina’s internationally recognized blog, “One Mom’s Battle” was recently turned into a 501(c)3 non-profit organization and she currently serves on the Board of Directors. In addition, Tina has created a private, membership-based forum, “The Lemonade Club,” for those fighting to protect their children from personality disordered individuals. Each year, Tina holds a retreat called “The Lemonade Power Retreat” for those rebuilding their lives in the aftermath of a high-conflict  divorce.

SOURCE Tina Swithin  LLC

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