Anti-Trump is Anti-American

By Dr. Sean O’Loughlin, Special for  USDR

They stand for freedom of speech but only if the speech is what they want to hear. They stand for freedom to assemble but only if the assembly is supporting their issues. They stand for a representative democracy but only if the electoral votes are in favor of their candidate. They call themselves American but only if America’s President is the person they supported. It is blatantly clear that the Anti-Trump movement runs afoul of the core beliefs and values upon which America was built says Dr. Sean O’Loughlin, Esq., J.D. The American people have spoken. Our election was fair and impartial. It is now time for both democrat and republican elected officials to distance themselves from those who refuse to accept the will of the American  people.

It is beyond dispute that the mass media had overwhelmingly favored Hillary Clinton. It is beyond dispute that the polls were in favor of Hillary Clinton. It is beyond dispute that Donald Trump’s character was attacked in every possible way. It is beyond dispute that the Clinton campaign spent over one billion dollars to get Hillary Clinton elected. However, notwithstanding the aforesaid, the American public voted in a fair and impartial election and the American public via our electoral system of democracy voted Donald Trump to be our 45th  President.

Moreover, all throughout the campaign, numerous democrats and republicans called on other democrats and republicans to distance themselves from Donald Trump. However, now that Donald Trump has been selected to be our next President, it is only logical that democrat and republican elected officials distance themselves from anyone who refuses to accept the results of the election or those who try to say that the election was rigged in favor of Donald  Trump.

Men and women have died to support the system of freedom and democracy that we all enjoy. It is an offense against America and everyone who has sacrificed for America to not support our next President, Donald J. Trump. God bless  America.

SOURCE Dr. Sean O’Loughlin, Esq.,  JD

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