Are Horror Movies Bad for You: Scientific Background

Movies are an inevitable part of our lives. However, it is hard to say that all people love the same genres. That is why we have dramas, comedies, fantasy, and horror movies. When you think about all the dramas and comedies, it seems that these are no questions arising why people like the genres.

Nevertheless, it surprises a lot of people why some of us prefer horror movies to all the other. Today, we are going to discuss it from the scientific point of view. Besides, if you are longing for some more movie-related news, then is the perfect resource to consider.

Horror burns calories

If you are trying to lead a healthy lifestyle and hit the gym any time you can and you love horror movies, we have a surprise for you. The fact is that watching horror movies makes our bodies burn calories as well. The research proves that one horror movie can burn over 100 calories. Just imagine, if you spend the whole weekend watching horror films, you will be allowed to skip a few gym sessions.

It is time to cope with anxiety

It is very easy to underestimate the damage that anxiety can bring into your life. On the very same hand, horror movies help people cope with anxiety. You may wonder how does it work? It is all simple at its core. The truth is that as a response to something scary that you see on the screen, your brain produces adrenaline, alongside with cortisol as well as glucose. Such a reaction triggers that feeling that allows you to know that compared to the film world, you are safe in real life.

Enhanced brain activity

When you are watching a comedy, your brain is relaxed, however, when you are watching a horror movie – your brain gets alert. That means that you are ready to accept unexpected news and situations better. What is more, after watching a movie like that you turn out to be more prepared for a list of difficult life situations.

Boost in the immune system

It may seem strange. However, horror movies can improve your immune system too. We have mentioned it that horror movies trigger the production of adrenaline. In case you do not know, adrenaline can mobilize your immune system.

Relationship Improvement

Do you tend to hold your loved one’s hand when you are sacred? There you go! If you are trying to mend things with your partner, watching a horror movie together is clearly one of the best ways to do that. It is scientifically proven, by the way.

Stimulated DNA

The truth is that we are not ready to respond to extreme situations in day-to-day life, for the most part. However, that does not mean that those responses are not encoded in our DNA. When you are watching a horror movie, those urges to act are triggered, and that is a good thing too.

From now on, you are going to enjoy the favorite genre knowing that it is scientifically proved!

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