Are Kids and Cereal Boxes Waging War on Parents?

Kids naturally want junk food.  They seek the sweetest food and nutritional value is a distant second.  In fact, most of us can remember, as children, asking our parents, “is this good for you?”  Children needed no allies in waging a war on health food, but it appears they have a strong one according to this article from USA Today:

If you’re a parent, you’ve no doubt heard plaintive wails from your child as you traverse the treat-filled aisles of the grocery store.

And, you may have wondered, what makes even preschoolers yearn so desperately for the character-shaped marshmallow cereal? Or the prepackaged frozen meal in the brightly colored box?

New research suggests one culprit: those cutesy cartoon characters used to sell foods in TV ads.

“The purpose of this study was to explore the mechanism behind an interesting problem we face in the U.S. Since 3- to 5-year-old children aren’t shopping, how do low-nutritional food and beverages get into the house… (read more)

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