Are Liberals Really for the Poor? Hard to Tell by Their Allies

By Kevin Price,

Publisher and Editor in Chief, Kevin Price.

This article originally appeared in, where Price is a contributor.

If you read the fairy tale weaved by the major media and our history books, we would believe that liberal policies are beneficial to everyone, whether those policies are popular are not. The upper classes can complain all they want, but they sleep better at night knowing that the government is generous with their wealth, even if those wealthy are actually “quite greedy”. The middle class who aspire to be rich might have to face tougher regulations and taxes that might prevent them from meeting their dream, but at least they know their “fundamental needs” are being met.

This would never happen, we are told, without the benevolent hand of the government. Then there are those who are poor and they are obviously the biggest beneficiaries of a big and generous government, we are told. These people would surely be found lying dead in the street without the generosity of a…(read more)

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