Are These High Paying Careers “Overrated”?

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They may have high salaries, power and prestige, but senior corporate executives, surgeons and physicians were ranked among the most overrated jobs in a new report from’s Overrated Jobs report identifies careers that have intense stress, higher than average physical demands, and a weak or unsteady hiring and employment outlook, both now and in the future. The hype surrounding them sometimes makes these jobs sound much better than they really are.

“While many of our overrated jobs pay well or carry a certain amount of cachet, they also have a downside,” says Tony Lee, publisher, “Our most overrated career — senior corporate executive – earns an average of $161,141.00 per year, but it holds the top spot as most overrated due to its high stress, shaky stability and consistently long hours that affect family time.”

CareerCast‘s Overrated Jobs report pinpoints careers that the rest of world perceives as great, but the truth is somewhat different. A surgeon’s high salary may not compensate for the stress of being responsible for the lives of others, the long hours and the physical demands of lengthy surgeries. And physicians, who earn an average of $192,065 per year, face increased regulation, lower compensation and the need to constantly stay abreast of medical developments in order to diagnose conditions and prescribe appropriate treatment.’s Most Overrated Jobs:

  1. Corporate Executive (Senior), average income $161,141.00
  2. Surgeon, average income $365,258.00
  3. Physician average income $192,065.00
  4. Psychiatrist, average income $160,242.00
  5. Airplane Pilot (Commercial), average income $106,153.00
  6. Attorney, average income $113,211.00
  7. Architect, average income $73,193.00
  8. Stockbroker, average income $67,470.00
  9. Real Estate Agent, average income $40,357.00
  10. Photojournalist, average income $40,209.00
  11. Flight Attendant, average income $40,184.00
  12. Advertising Account Executive, average income $62,105.00

To create a list of the most “overrated” jobs, weighed stress, physical demands and both the current and future employment outlook more heavily than the other aspects that we rank. By focusing on those criteria, as well as limiting the amount of other criteria we consider, we determined which jobs are the most overrated.

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