Battle Brews Over Feeding the Homeless

By The Chow Train, Special for  USDR

Joan Cheever, founder of the non-profit, The Chow Train, was ticketed in San Antonio for feeding the homeless and earned the outrage and support of people nationwide. Now Cheever is going on the offensive saying the City violated her constitutional  rights.

Cheever is facing a $2,000 fine for feeding the homeless but her journey to feed the homeless and defend the rights of individuals to do the same is as unusual as the  ticket.

Cheever has a law degree, a master’s degree in journalism from Columbia University and wrote a best-selling book on the death  penalty.

“I grew up in a home where my mother fed the less fortunate. Then when my kids grew up they were typical tweens who whined a bit,” exclaimed Cheever.  “So when I had heard just a little too much whining, I cooked up a big pot of spaghetti and then took them out to serve people who didn’t have anything and who were NOT  complaining.”

Cheever felt compelled to do more for the homeless.  The lawyer with an ivy-league education decided to go to a local community college and get her Associates degree in Culinary Arts to learn health and safety regulations for cooking large meals.  Chef Joan, as she is known, gives hot meals not only to the homeless and the working poor but has responded to major natural disasters including those in Joplin, Missouri and Moore,  Oklahoma.

Prior to being ticketed by San Antonio police on April 7, Chef Joan has been giving legal briefs to officials of the City of San Antoniowarning them of a federal ruling in Dallas against ticketing those feeding the homeless, the Texas Religious Freedom Restoration Act, and US Constitutional law.  After falling on deaf ears, she is now planning to let a court resolve the  issue.

“People shouldn’t have to have a permitted food truck and unnecessary burdens in order to be good Samaritans and exercise their religious beliefs to feed the homeless,” she proclaims.  Chef Joan will be in New York City on Wednesday afternoon (April 22Sunday, April 26) and available for interviews upon request.  Cheever will be in NYC to attend her 30th reunion at Columbia University’s Journalism  School.

Cheever is seeking donations for her legal defense and to continue the work of feeding gourmet quality meals to the hungry at

SOURCE The Chow  Train

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