Behold the Whirlwind: President Trump’s Executive Order Bonanza

By Ross Powell, USDR  Contributor

At this rate it looks like Mexico will agree to pay for the wall – now being referred to as a large, physical barrier – by next week and ISIS will be completely defeated by the end of February! Even President Trump’s critics must admit that he has wasted no time in getting down to business in true CEO fashion. As a strong leader, when President Trump sees a problem and has the option to implement an actual solution he takes action. Here is a brief review of what has been put in place so  far:

The US has begun to withdraw from the Trans-Pacific Partnership with the effect of eliminating the secret agreement completely in favor of an America first policy. A hiring freeze has been implemented across for the federal government with the exception of the military. Agencies have been directed to reduce the burdensome regulatory apparatus of Obamacare including the immediate option to waive enforcement of the individual mandate. A ban has been enacted on providing federal funds to international groups involved in abortion. The Keystone XL and Dakota Access pipelines have been given the green light with specific directives to use steel produced in the US. The manufacturing and environmental permitting processes have been expedited. The border wall has been authorized. Federal grants for sanctuary cities have been rescinded. 5,000 additional Border Patrol agents have been hired. The catch and release policy for illegal immigrants has been ended. Immigration enforcement partnerships have been reinstated. Additionally, temporary immigration suspensions from terrorist areas until proper vetting processes can be instated, renegotiation of NAFTA, and a significant reduction in US involvement with international organizations like the UN are on the  table.

I can almost hear the howls of the obsolete media and the globalists as decades of progress towards their cherished new world order is shredded in less than a week. Right now it’s all too much for them to keep up with. Remember, these networks got used to getting their talking points from the White House. They’re soft, useless as journalists, and quickly becoming completely irrelevant as everything they do to counter President Trump continues to backfire. They will end not with a bang, but with a whimper. Their budgets to push a narrative will continue to flow until their propaganda loses its effectiveness. When President Trump called CNN fake news the proverbial fat lady started warming up. Did you notice that since then they’ve had to invent another term: alternative facts? I’d imagine the half life on this one will be even shorter than fake  news.

But let’s refocus for a moment. While Americans react to President Trump’s first week either by jumping for joy, wailing with horror, or resuming their everyday lives, it is important for everyone who is an advocate of freedom and the Constitution to make sure that everything is initiated and executed in a proper manner. President Trump – can you tell yet that I enjoy writing that? – cannot govern by obfuscation and executive overreach the way that Obama did. It is absolutely critical that steps be taken to ensure that the concentration of power in the hands of the executive branch is reversed. This will take a great deal of vigilance, especially from those who generally support President Trump. I believe that President Trump takes his oath to preserve, protect, and defend the Constitution of the United States extremely seriously, but it will take observant, caring, and motivated citizens to make sure he is held to the absolute highest  standard.

It is truly refreshing to have a President who is fully engaged with following through on his campaign promises with vigor from his first day in office. This kind of integrity and authenticity is what the American people voted for and what they desperately need. In our era it seems that trust has become one of the rarest commodities. It is easy to lose and difficult to gain, and when relativism is en vogue when it comes to morals and even truth the path of least resistance usually leads ultimately to breaches in trust. In order for President Trump to quell the well-funded but totally fractious and directionless opposition that must be dealt with in order for unity to be restored, several strategies and tactics must be  emphasized.

The authenticity, transparency, and accountability come first. Then, people need to see their lives improving directly through policy successes. The easy way to build political will through this mechanism is simply to use transfer payments to give people money, goods, or services. That old, corrupt tactic has been worn thin and is so antithetical to President Trump’s stated viewpoints that it is almost unavailable as a solution. As a consequence, Trump has to achieve actual policy victories on both the domestic and international fronts. Finally, the doctrine of the common enemy can be used to rally some of the younger generation who preferred Bernie Sanders. Right now they either hate the President or are genuinely scared of him because they have been lied to their whole lives by people who have been lied to their whole lives. So, what are the available  tactics?

Go after Wall Street. Reinstitute Glass-Steagall. Take on the monetary fraud both directly and indirectly. Actually prosecute the bankers who have broken countless laws and defrauded the public. These are all risky moves, particularly when President Trump is attempting to implement a massive infrastructure overhaul across the nation that will require funding that stretches into the 13-digit range. But in order to actually generate a real economic recovery and transition from a service economy back to a manufacturing economy some foundational and systemic institutional changes must be  made.

Our entire monetary system has been a wealth extraction mechanism for over a century. America cannot be great again until that is eliminated. It may just be possible. As for President Trump, to borrow a punchline from a hackneyed lawyer joke: it’s a good  start.

Ross Powell is the Founder of Survival 401k, LLC. He graduated from the University of Texas and is a veteran Naval Officer.  Ross worked in banking and finance for almost 30 years including some of the largest banks and insurance companies in the country. His intimate knowledge of the inner workings of financial institutions helps him direct clients into Solo 401k products to take control of their retirement funds and escape the pitfalls many see in modern Wall Street centric retirement portfolios. He can be reached through

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