Ben and Jerry’s Launch Campaign to Support Bernie Sanders

By Ben Cohen, Special for  USDR

Ben Cohen, co-founder of Ben & Jerry’s Ice Cream, has produced a limited edition batch of 40 pints of Bernie’s Yearning ice cream.  Made at home in Ben’s kitchen, with the help of Jerry, each pint is signed and numbered.  The pints will be given away at random; people can sign up for a chance to win at

“When I started supporting Bernie for President everyone was asking if I was going to come out with a Bernie flavor.  I told them that Ben & Jerry’s wasn’t about to do that, but they kept asking for me to do it on my own. And then it came to me — Bernie’s Yearning,” said  Ben.

Bernie’s Yearning is a participatory flavor including a graphic description of what’s wrong in our country.  The entire top of this pint is covered with a thick disc of solid chocolate.  Underneath is plain mint ice cream.  The chocolate disc represents the huge majority of economic gains that have gone to the top 1% since the end of the recession.  Beneath it, the rest of  us.

To eat, take back of spoon and whack huge chocolate disc into lots of pieces.  Let the ice cream soften up a bit, mix the pieces around — and there you have it, Bernie’s  Yearning.

“I told people about the idea of Bernie’s Yearning and it struck a chord,” said Ben, “then national and international media like MSNBC, The NY Daily News, Boing Boing, The Boston Globe, the UK Daily Mail, Reddit, CNN, MSN, and Yahoo News covered the story. That’s when I knew that this flavor deserved to live. And I had no choice but to make it.” Click here to watch a  video.

“It’s funny — a lot of times stuff doesn’t sink in until people can see something in a form that they know and love and doesn’t involve a bunch of dry numbers,” said  Ben.

Go to to enter. Winners will be picked at random. Winning entries will receive an autographed pint of Bernie’s Yearning delivered by courier on dry  ice.

Please note that this limited edition batch has been produced by Ben, on his own initiative.  Ben & Jerry’s Homemade, Inc. has no connection with this  product.

SOURCE Ben  Cohen

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