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With graduation season nearly upon us and the youth unemployment rate above 15%, the personal finance social network WalletHub today released a report examining the Best & Worst Cities to Start a Career in order to help recent graduates hit the “real world” running.A few highlights of the report, which was based on 18 metrics ranging from the number of entry-level jobs per capita to the median starting salary in each of the 150 largest U.S. cities, can be found below.

Best Cities to Start a Career Worst Cities to Start a Career
1. Washington, DC 141. Riverside, CA
2. Denver, CO 142. Cleveland, OH
3. Irving, TX 143. Fayetteville, NC
4. Seattle, WA 144. Columbus, GA
5. Minneapolis, MN 145. Detroit, MI
6. San Francisco, CA 146. Akron, OH
7. Austin, TX 147. San Bernardino, CA
8. Dallas, TX 148. Stockton, CA
9. Charlotte, NC 149. Port St. Lucie, FL
10. Houston, TX 150. Modesto, CA

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