Best & Worst States for Summer Road Trips


2014’s Best States for Summer Road Trips 2014’s Worst States for Summer Road Trips
1 Oregon 41 New Jersey
2 Idaho 42 Hawaii
3 Minnesota 43 North Dakota
4 Utah 44 Connecticut
5 Washington 45 Alabama
6 Nevada 46 Alaska
7 New York 47 Arkansas
8 California 48 West Virginia
9 Ohio 49 Oklahoma
10 Colorado 50 Mississippi

Key Stats

  • California has 22 times more scenic byways than Connecticut.
  • The price of camping in Connecticut is double the price in Arizona.
  • In Alabama, the price of a three-star hotel room is three times cheaper than in Hawaii.
  • Massachusetts has three times fewer fatalities per 100 million vehicle miles traveled than West Virginia and South Carolina.
  • Vermont has 6 times less car thefts per capita than California.
  • Mississippi has 15 times less nightlife options per capita than in Nevada.

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