Beware of "Snake Oil" Weight Loss Techniques


Beverly Hills Physicians has a question for anyone interested in weight loss. What do you think is more effective at fighting obesity: gastric sleeve or lap band procedures performed by outstanding board certified physicians or an exotic extract of human placenta? A hearing set for tomorrow led by Senator Claire McCaskill (D-Missouri) and featuring physician and television personality Dr. Mehmet Oz will focus on wildly exaggerated claims around a number of alleged diet aids. Products touting easy answers to the difficult matter of weight loss have robbed countless individuals of money and precious time that could have been spent on more effective health measures. These scams are well worth investigating. Nevertheless, Beverly Hills Physicians prefers to simply remind the public that weight loss surgery remains the only anti-obesity technique with clinically proven, positive outcomes for significant, long-term weight loss.

Unlike distributors of dubious weight loss products, Beverly Hills Physicians, and all reputable bariatric providers, are very straightforward about both the benefits and risks of weight loss surgery. The fact of the matter is that even treatment from a world-class surgeon does not guarantee weight loss success. Part of the advantage provided by Beverly Hills Physicians is that patients are offered extensive follow-up support to ensure they are able to forge the good health habits that will allow them to achieve their weight loss ambitions. These often include the services of outstanding nutritionists and therapists, whose specialty is helping weight loss patients adjust to their post-surgery bodies and forge new relationships with food. When initial surgeries prove inadequate, nevertheless, the highly skilled surgeons of BHP regularly demonstrate their great expertise in such procedures as lap band revision to gastric sleeve, which can frequently transform weight loss failure into dramatic success.

Of course, undergoing any surgery is no small matter and it’s easy to understand why so many people are, instead, attracted to products that claim to make excess weight “melt away.” While some of these products, such as green coffee bean extracts, might actually have a mild benefit in terms of weight loss, they are never to be confused with truly effective methods of fighting obesity over the long term. There are many products that might help some individuals lose a pound or two. Such low calorie caffeinated beverages as ordinary unsweetened coffee and tea, for example, may have some genuine weight loss benefits. Caffeinated beverages temporarily increase energy and encourage exercise while reducing the appetite somewhat, but nobody would confuse them with a miraculous obesity cure.

Sadly, miracle obesity cures simply do not exist, but bariatric surgery is a time tested method of drastically reducing the pangs of appetite that make significant long-term weight loss nearly impossible for so many people. Rather than wasting time and money experimenting with dubious would-be cures, Beverly Hills Physicians suggests that severely obese individuals begin to educate themselves on how bariatric procedures have helped countless overcome their weight problem once and for all.

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