Blame Your Brain for Cravings and Overeating

By Body by Phoenix, Special for  USDR

Alarmingly, 98 percent of all diets inevitably fail due to carbohydrate cravings and overall appetite. Researcher, author and nutrition expert, Phoenix Gilman, shares lifesaving solution in her 3rd edition, Diet Failure the Naked  Truth.

“Millions of people still tragically believe in the low fat myth. That alone has perpetuated our obesity epidemic, among numerous other diseases.While the key to solving our obesity crisis is learning what’s actually healthy to eat, it’s also about understanding the critical role of a precise major neurotransmitter,” says  Phoenix.

Based near Atlanta, Phoenix teaches her clients’ the vital role of that brain chemical–and how to eat healthy for life. Reducing harmful body fat quickly and effectively, along with reversing and preventing various diseases, are key to the Phoenix regimen. Her success rate with clients is remarkable. Ken Buckner from the Centers for Disease Control (CDC) proclaims,”Phoenix has given us the most precious gift anyone could ask for: The Fountain of  Youth.”

Phoenix helps men and women achieve optimum health, but her passion to help women 40 and over is evident. “As a woman myself, and one who’s 57, this is a major turning point for women who are now looking in the mirror and asking, ‘What happened?’ Most have devoted their life to husbands, careers and raising children. Their health wasn’t often a priority. Every woman who seeks my help is struggling, from obesity, diabetes, addictions, to depression, anxiety, insomnia, even premature aging–and all due to poor nutrition.” Based on her research, though, she’s significantly improving the health of these women, while taking years off their  looks.

Phoenix now offers her distinct weight loss and anti-aging formula to readers worldwide with her 3rd edition. For a far more personal, hands-on experience, Phoenix will be launching, The Phoenix Experience: A Weight Loss and Anti-Aging  Retreat.

Gilman’s clinically based research has been recognized by many, including the Centers for Disease Control,, Citizens Commission on Human Rights, Dr. Atkins, and numerous other healthcare experts. She was featured in the Atlantan magazine, “Dynamic Women of Atlanta,” 2016. Her private studio, Body by Phoenix, won “Best of Health/Fitness Clubs,” Marietta, 2016. Her book can be found at and

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