Boehner Spent July 4th Promising Amnesty to Foreign Government Officials

By Stephani Scruggs, Special for  USDR

In an article published late on July 4th, 2015, Arthur Beesly of the Irish Times reported: “The Speaker of the US House of Representatives, John Boehner, has told a Dublin audience of his determination to overcome Republican resistance to immigration reform”.  The Irish Times went on to quote Irish governmental Chief Enda Kenny as telling Boehner “I think you understand, just get it  done’.

Boehner’s statements were made at a Dublin, Ireland July 4th luncheon sponsored by the misleadingly named ‘American Chamber of Commerce Ireland’, and organization whose website declares it is dedicated to outsourcing American jobs and investments to  Ireland.

I’m not sure what infuriates me more – the fact that we have to learn of Boehner’s betrayal from a foreign newspaper, or the fact that Boehner would so openly betray the American people on the 4th of July of all days.  Whether it’s mainstream media compliance or political graft, both represent a complete and total sell out of  America.

All this just confirms the growing Washington whispers that John Boehner is now the wholly owned puppet of foreign backed Chambers of Commerce.  In a meeting last month with a confidential informant, (a 20 year GOP Capitol Hill staffer who’s previous information has proven to be 100% correct every time), the Coalition for a Strong America was told that the foreign multi-national funded US Chamber of Commerce has assigned John Boehner three tasks to complete before they allow him to retire comfortably into multi-million dollar salaried board positions that will help him afford his recently acquired $835,000 luxury Florida  home.

According to our informant, John Boehner’s orders  are:

1.  Pass Fast Track – giving the puppet President the unfettered ability to remove Congress’s ability to stop the globalist scheme to put America under world control.   COMPLETED

2.  Pass Amnesty – creating a massive new crop of voters uninterested in American sovereignty and the United States Constitution.  IN  PROCESS

3.  Pass the TPP, TiSA & TTIP Trade Agreements – the provisions of which open America’s borders wide, and, (in TiSA’s case), actuallyprevent America from deporting immigrants – filling America with even more illegals eligible for Amnesty.  IN  PROCESS

When asked about Boehner’s progress in smoothing the way for Constitution killing, Amnesty enabling trade agreements, The Irish Times reports Boehner said his job was to gather “218 frogs in a wheelbarrow and keep ’em long enough to pass the  bill”.


A few months ago, we at Strong America were informed that John Boehner hates us.  If true, this article will probably make that situationworse.  We’re OK with that, because the feeling is mutual.  We despise anyone, Democrat or Republican, who seek to sell America out to the highest global bidder.  We still have a Constitution, and we still have our sovereignty and by God we mean to keep it!  If that makes us enemies, so be it.  The Coalition for a Strong America’s motto is ‘no apologies, no fear’; and we will not back down in the defense of the American  Way.


I hope you will join us as we continue the fight to save  America.

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