Book Makes Case for Restoring the Republic

By US Daily Review Staff.

Imagine a once successful enterprise, long ago built on the principles of hard work and innovation. Years later it grows arrogant and self-entitled, lazily surfing the coattails of earlier success. The founding mission statement has been abandoned and leadership has been replaced with self-serving cynicism and complacency among the rank and file.

This enterprise exists today. It’s called the United States.

In his new book, Hostile Takeover: Resisting Centralized Government’s Stranglehold on America, released June 19 by William Morrow, Tea Party organizer and best-selling author Matt Kibbe challenges readers to reclaim their power as “citizen shareholders” before the political elite run the American enterprise into the ground.

Hostile Takeover reveals how government bureaucrats have obfuscated the political process in an attempt to camouflage corruption and justify their own existence. Kibbe masterfully exposes the arrogant political insiders who are too distracted with manipulating the system to their advantage to tackle the real economic issues of entitlement reform, sound money, school choice, patient-centered health care, or cutting the gargantuan $15 trillion national debt.

If Kibbe’s first book was a “Tea Party Manifesto” of limited-government principles, Hostile Takeover is a strategic blueprint for the revolution.

Hostile Takeover takes a wide-angle snapshot of today’s political playing field, and defines the Tea Party movement and its evolution from a street protest to a purpose-driven political machine as part of a larger societal shift away from top-down dictates toward more decentralization and more individual control.

Kibbe explains, “There is no leader, no one is in charge. Citizens are no longer dependent on old-school institutions such as Congress, television networks, and even think tanks for information and good ideas. Our movement is fueled by the decentralization of information on the internet, citizen journalism, and the ease of connecting with like-minded citizens through social networking. Millions of people located in disparate places -each individual with unique knowledge of their community and circumstances – voluntarily cooperating and coordinating plans are creating something far greater and more valued than any one individual could have done alone.”

Freedom is not just the end game of this hostile takeover- it’s the strategy. “Freedom is what sets us apart from the left,” Kibbe explains. “The left intrinsically believes in order from the top down. Someone needs to be in charge who knows better than you do, and can control the outcome or the process. Political disintermediation  — putting the people back in charge – is the only conceivable way that we will ever beat the well-financed special interests that comprise the big government coalition.”

Hostile Takeover sends a strong message to these big spenders, political careerists and arrogant income redistributors: We are not looking for better benevolent despots. We are tired of asking for a seat at the table we own. We’ll take your seat instead.

Unlike Occupy Wall Street, this people’s takeover is a movement of non-violence, a peaceful assembly of individuals who petition their government with better ideas, and dare to see them implemented.

Kibbe commented, “Takeovers by definition replace failed business practices and failed managers. The U.S. government is our senior management, and ‘We The People’ have been thrown out of our own shareholders meeting. It’s time to clean house. It’s time for a hostile takeover.”

About Hostile Takeover:
HOSTILE TAKEOVER: Resisting Centralized Government’s Stranglehold on America
By Matt Kibbe
William Morrow Hardcover
On Sale: June 19, 2012
ISBN: 9780062196019
Price: $25.99; 416 Pages
*Also available in e-book, large print & audio formats from HarperCollins

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