Brand Emojis Released for Mobile Messaging

By Emogi, Special for  USDR

 Emogi today announced the launch of Wink, the world’s first platform for mobile messaging empowering brands to join the conversation through branded emojis, stickers and GIFs. With Wink, marketers are able to leverage the native keyboard to deliver content, without requiring consumers to download a separate emoji keyboard, app or sticker  pack.

Popular chat platform Kik will leverage Wink to offer GIFs from top brands to its more than 300 million registered users. In addition, Wink will be available as an iMessage app on iOS 10 – allowing an estimated 900 million people worldwide to select and use stickers from leading  brands.

Among the partners at launch is Ansible, a leading mobile marketing and advertising agency owned by the Interpublic Group  (IPG).

“Social is no longer social as we knew it,” said Benjamin Bring, VP and Media Director, Ansible. “The newsfeed has moved over to the messenger and brands have an opportunity to connect with consumers through personal engagements as they never have before. Platforms like Wink through Emogi allow us to communicate with our consumers where they communicate most and are most comfortable doing so. Marketing has become personal  again!”

Mediavest | Spark, a global agency, will also leverage the Wink platform to deliver stronger campaigns for clients across mobile messaging  platforms.

“We view messaging platforms as the next evolution of social marketing,” said Kyle Jackson, SVP of Performance Media, Mediavest | Spark. “Wink’s emojis, stickers and GIFs provide users a valuable branded experience within the messenger apps and we are thrilled to be one of the launch partners of  Wink.”

According to a new 2016 report* by Emogi, 75% of U.S. consumers are interested in having more emoji options than they currently do, and approximately half would use a branded emoji as an alternative in messaging if given the  option.

“Mobile messaging apps have quickly become the home screen of choice for consumers,” said Emogi CEO Travis Montaque. “Brands today have an incredible opportunity to join the conversation and stay relevant, but only if they do it in a way that’s natural and salient to the conversation. We’re thrilled to partner with leading brands across categories this  fall.”

Through machine learning, Wink identifies the unique context of conversations where brands can introduce their content. This includes specific triggers such as where consumers are or how they’re feeling, as well as the use of specific phrases or emoji. Brands can seamlessly publish, manage and optimize their marketing efforts within the Wink platform and dashboard based on real-time analytics and  reporting.

“With mobile messaging now exceeding social media use and app fatigue setting in, creating compelling emoji and content needs to be at the top of every brand’s agenda,” said Alexis Berger, Chief Strategy Officer, Emogi. “There’s a lot of hype in the category right now, and the industry is at a point where it needs reinvention. That’s what we’re delivering with the launch of  Wink.”

At launch, Emogi is also partnering with Krux, a leading data management platform (DMP), to combine effective audience segmentation and ad targeting in combination with Emogi’s proprietary data  capabilities.

“Consumers today expect seamless and relevant brand experiences,” said Jon Suarez-Davis, Chief Marketing and Strategy Officer at Krux. “We’re thrilled to partner with Emogi on the launch of Wink to deliver brands a smarter and more targeted approach to mobile messaging, leveraging Krux’s leading data management  capabilities.”

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* The 2016 Emoji Report conducted in August and September 2016 included 1,320 respondents representing the US Census and the US online internet  population. 


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