Brexit and the New Uncertainty

By IFAC, Special for  USDR

Last night’s decision on the UK referendum on Europe caught many by surprise; capital markets have reacted negatively, and we can expect them to continue to reflect uncertainty in the short  term.

The withdrawal process could be a long and complex one, spanning a number of years, and the knock-on effect in Europe is hard to  predict.

“Clearly, the UK, Europe, and many other parts of the world will be operating in a period of considerable uncertainty. The accountancy profession will have an important role to play in the myriad issues that will need to be addressed,” said Fayezul Choudhury, IFAC Chief Executive  Officer.

IFAC recognizes that the effects of these issues will be  pervasive:

  • for companies addressing short-term risks and thinking through their longer-term plans;
  • for regulators as they overlay the implications of recent developments on an already complex and fragmented regulatory environment;
  • for capital markets as they seek to regain stability and an orderly process; and
  • for governments as they realign public policies, particularly in significantly affected areas, such as taxation.

IFAC has consistently advocated for the importance of global cooperation and coordination, and of the need for governments to work together to support a strong, sustainable global economy. Regulatory cooperation and consistency, enhanced public sector financial management and transparency, the adoption and use of globally accepted, high-quality standards, and commitments to work together to address taxation matters are fundamental to finding solutions and outcomes that benefit all of  society.

“IFAC has always stressed that governments, businesses, and the regulatory community across the globe must work together, cooperatively, to respond to the challenges being faced by our interconnected financial markets and economies,” said Mr. Choudhury. “Brexit makes this collaborative approach all the more vital, and the global accountancy profession must be engaged in bringing its experience and expertise to bear in many of the areas where work will be  needed.”

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