Building the Bridge

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By SAS Institute Inc., Special for  USDR

NRF 106th Annual Convention and EXPO – If MTV, Amazon and online dating have always been present in your life, face it: You’re a millennial – that magical, trendsetting demographic retailers covet. Brittany Bullard’s new book, Style & Statistics: The Art of Retail Analytics, zeros in on the points where millennials and retailing intersect: omnichannel marketing. Along the way, she helps readers, regardless of tech savvy, grasp how data and analytics fuel success in this complex  environment.

“As a retailer and a millennial, I want to shine a sustained spotlight on how retailers thrive by analyzing data generated in our contemporary omnichannel world,” said Bullard, a Retail Solutions and Analytical Consultant at SAS. “Using analytics strategically solves so many problems – from the shelf through the supply chain. Style & Statistics offers everyone, even non-IT professionals, a better understanding of how analytics can help  them.”