But Barack Obama Helped the Economy…

By Candace Salima, Contributor, US Daily Review.

Picture me flabbergasted when someone asked what Barack Obama had done to the American economy, other than make it better. When I picked my jaw up off the floor I started listing things, and then decided I’d write an article about it and the guy could pop over to US Daily Review to read the answer. So just what has Barack Obama done that destroyed the American economy? Oh America, let me count the ways!

Let’s start with Obamacare. Barack Obama was determined to get a single payer system in place for the entire nation, although no other nation has managed to socialize their medicine successfully. Although we had the best medical system in the world, instead of going for things that would actually improve our healthcare system, such as tort reform, allowing insurance to cross state lines, no pre-existing conditions … three simple things, but no other changes would revolutionize the industry. But no, Obama had to have his million man army, his federally funded abortions, his death panels, and 2,700 other pages of the morally reprehensible related folderol in Obamacare that immediately caused the raising of health insurance premiums upon it being signed into law.

Then let’s look at his anti-energy independence policies. He vowed to close down every coal mine in America. He hasn’t been successful at that, but it wasn’t from lack of effort. Instead, since he couldn’t get Cap & Trade passed through Congress, he’s now regulating it through the EPA. The Department of Energy is now a bank and loaning out billions to trillions of dollars to companies that are going belly up. Right now, the taxpayers are out $1.5 trillion thanks to the Obama Administration’s inability to forget  ideology, and  instead, push responsible energy policies. His political sins in this area are legion.

When he was running for office, Barack Obama said that the reason Americans were complaining about the rise of gas prices was because it hadn’t gone up slowly … seriously, did we even check to see if this guy had a grasp on reality before he was voted into office? Higher energy prices have caused an increase in prices at the gas pump, utilities, groceries, electronics, dry goods … you name, it costs more now thanks to Obama’s energy policies.

Oh, and let us not forget TARP, Omnibus and everything else. Yes, TARP began under President George W. Bush, but it was administered under Barack Obama who promptly used it to take over the auto, banking and insurance industries. He paid back people who’d helped him get elected. And none of the money trickled down to Main Street, where it was needed the most. If they had to do it, they should have used the money wisely, but no. Not Barack Obama.

Barack Obama has increased our nation’s debt by $5 trillion, more than any other president in history, and he wants more. So our national debt now stands at $15 trillion plus. Then add in that stark fact that 1 in every 6 Americans is on welfare, unemployment is at record levels, homeowners are upside down on their homes, the cost of living is skyrocketing and salaries are dropping, if you even have a salary. Businesses are closing their doors, big companies to small mom & pops who’ve been in business through three generations. We’ve rarely faced a bleaker time in America, and it will get worse if Barack Obama wins a second term.

Now let’s add in his disdain for the U.S. Constitution, the principles which made America great, his desire for a socialist nee’ communist government in America, and we are in the fight of our lives for the soul of America. That, my friend, is what Barack Obama has done for America.

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