Buzzanza: The Latest Entry Into the Social Media World

By Buzzanza, Special for  USDR

Buzzanza has launched a beta of its new social networking platform, which provides millennials with a quick and easy method to discover and share media content, without the distractions of other social  media.

With an Apple News meets Facebook approach, the app and website save time by harnessing the power of the users’ social groups and interests to deliver relevant, personalized content. Free of status updates, selfies and traditional ads, Buzzanza provides users with an easy-to-navigate, clutter-free environment where they can find and share webpages and stories which resonate with  them.

Buzzanza’s algorithm finds popular and trending stories, while relying on its community to be its editors. With one click, users can share information or decide whether or not a story is worthy to stay on the site by selecting a thumbs-up or thumbs-down button. Over time, Buzzanza’s anticipatory technology will learn the reading and sharing habits of users and provide a more personalized experience. Unlike most aggregators, Buzzanza’s social curation method provides users with more tailored content based on their  network.

In addition, Buzzanza has partnered with young comedians and college journalists to create original, informative and entertaining content focused on their generation. Trendsetters in key areas such as health and fitness, food, travel and entertainment, will also contribute in the near  future.

“As a millennial, I was overwhelmed by the number of sites I had to visit to reach the stories that interested me,” shared Max Cutler, CEO and creator of Buzzanza. “Sifting through the clutter of my social network feed was becoming a frustrating process, and I discovered my friends felt the same way – that’s where the idea for and the app were born. Our goal is to provide a distraction-free platform to help millennials stay connected to the world by providing an effortless way to get, discuss and share news, be entertained, and stay in touch with their  friends.”

Buzzanza’s beta is currently available for iOS users, and will be made available for Android soon. Users can register and sign in with their Facebook account; Twitter access will be added  shortly.

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