Call to Action Against Islamic State Terror Organization

By Coptic Solidarity, Special for  USDR.

The graphic confirmation yesterday of the barbaric beheadings of twenty-one Coptic Christian hostages by Islamic State terrorists lays bare the plight of the Middle East’s largest non-Muslim community, and demands a forceful and sustained response from world leaders.  The murders come after a plight that extended for six weeks and that witnessed desperate and repeated appeals of families of the victims to save their loved  ones.

Copts stand at the frontline of global Jihad against all those whom are deemed as non-believers. Last week, the Islamic State’s magazine Dabiq included an article attacking “the Coptic Crusaders.” The article concluded with a call to kill Copts anywhere: “Finally, it is important for Muslims everywhere to know that there is no doubt in the great reward to be found on Judgment Day for those who spill the blood of these Coptic crusaders wherever they may be  found…”

Coptic Solidarity and the Coptic people condemn in the strongest possible terms these genocidal massacres by the Islamic State and the international Jihadist movement of which they are a part. This outrage cannot be allowed to continue and no effort should be spared in stopping the perpetrators of these grotesque attacks and bringing them to  justice.

In response to these heinous acts, Coptic  Solidarity:

  1. Calls on the international community to indict this jihadist ideology and equate it to a genocidal  ideology.
  2. Calls on the UN Security Council to form an international tribunal to investigate and indict the terrorist groups involved in the massacre and bring them to  justice.
  3. Calls on the US and NATO, as well as Russia to assist Egypt in destroying the war criminal jihadists in Libya and in  Egypt.
  4. Calls on the Egyptian Government, Libyan authorities, UN, NATO and EU to mount an immediate joint evacuation effort to extract Egyptians, particularly the endangered Copts in Libya, back to  Egypt.
  5. Urges EU members, US, Canada, and Australia to take all measures to protect Coptic communities, including churches and institutions from potential jihadi terrorist  attacks.

Furthermore, Coptic Solidarity repeats its demands for Copts to be afforded full rights as equal  citizens.

Coptic Solidarity extends its deepest condolences to the friends and families of the  deceased.

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