Can a Person’s Name Give Them a Better Shot at the Presidency?

By Sharón Lynn Wyeth, Special for US Daily Review.

When it comes to running for President, does a name matter?

Have you noticed how many of the Republican want-a-bes have the first vowel ‘I’?  That tells us that they all want to be part of our family and consider the United States as one large family.  So, let us look at what the names tell us that the news media may not.  We will do this alphabetically considering the current candidates that are currently the most popular. All of the candidates’ names are analyzed on

Herman Cain has survived cancer, the US Navy and Kansas’ Federal Reserve Bank (as chairman) and being CEO of Godfather’s Pizza.  He is the host of his own show on WSB in Atlanta, Georgia.  Truly he is an accomplished man with a great record.  What does his name say about him?  He is good to the people around him and has a fabulous memory.  He would want the buck to stop with him, yet doesn’t have the letters in his name to rally people to want to work with him nationally.  He is a detective and wants to get to the bottom of each situation.  His name indicates that the people he loves can overly influence him.  This causes him to include emotions and the effect his decisions have on others prior to making a final decision. He enjoys physicality or sex as indicated by the ‘ER’ combination in his first name. However, the ‘ER’ follows the ‘H’ which indicates that he is a gift to those around him and would have ethics around his choices. His real challenge is that he doesn’t have any duplicity in his name and today’s politics are full of duplicity. Cain is firm, consistent and earns others respect. Incompetent people can find him intolerant.

Hilary Clinton is currently the Secretary of State with Obama’s administration. She has been a senator from New York and former First Lady. Clinton will always appear to land on her feet regardless of what she does. Clinton has fairness issues, which causes her to fight for what she thinks is right, according to her own definition of what is appropriate. She does not take criticism well and can be uncomfortable standing up for herself publically thus she resorts to taking action behind the scenes. She can play victim as well as perpetrator. Clinton is highly likeable and has learned to give herself pep talks. Clinton has learned it is important to stay in control and be in charge.  Thus, she has learned to be charming and charismatic when necessary. She expects loyalty from those around her. She knows what she wants and is determined to get it. She will never give up the good fight.  Clinton’s challenge is that she doesn’t like to follow rules yet wants others to follow rules and that she likes to even the score.

Barack Obama is competitive and if he can’t win he doesn’t like to play. He has little patience for incompetence in others. He does not take criticism well and resorts to taking action behind the scenes in order to get even. He has a quick mind and is good thinking on the spot. His work is his life; it is what gives him purpose. He works for praise, more than money, as he requires other people’s approval. Obama dislikes those who lie to him. He is slow to alienate someone, but once he does, that person is out of his life as if they didn’t exist. Obama’s family is important to him, as that is where he gives and receives nurturing. He would be competitive as in his family underachievement would not be acceptable. He takes situations and relationships to the extreme. What he likes he works hard and finishes. What he doesn’t like, he doesn’t do and it would get shuffled to someone else if it gets done at all. Obama’s challenges are that he will not do what he doesn’t want to do. His name also indicates that he is narcissistic and needs to be the center of attention.

Ron Paul currently represents the state of Texas in the House of Representatives.  His name indicates that Paul is logical and has a fine memory for details. He does not forget a thing.  He is a natural nurturer wanting to take care of his fellow men.  He can juggle multiple commitments at the same time and is good at keeping his sense of humor when the going gets stressful.  Paul’s challenge in his name is that others want to take advantage of him and he constantly has to defend his position.

Rick Perry likes to do his work and go home to his family at night.  His name indicates that he is a family man and highly responsible. He has a quick mind that can consider alternative possibilities quickly.  However, his name indicates that he prefers working alone or with small groups behind the scenes.  Getting out in front of people will be his challenge as he does better behind the scenes making sure everything gets done.  Said another way, his challenge is connecting with the public when they are strangers, as he doesn’t easily illicit trust even though he is trustworthy.  Perry is generally a loner and needs private time to reflect; thus too much time spent in public taxes him.

Mitt Romney is the former Governor of Massachusetts.  What he likes he really likes, and what he doesn’t like, he doesn’t want to do.  Romney uses his middle name, as his first name is Willard.  His first name indicates that he has wisdom beyond his years and that he sometimes takes so long in making a decision, as he wants to make the right one the first time around that he can drive others crazy.  He has a tendency to want perfection besides wishing the world was a fair place in which to live.  Romney’s name indicates he will do whatever is necessary to get a job done.  He is highly likeable, talented in a myriad of ways and athletically coordinated.  He is basically a family man and extends that consideration to his constituents.   His challenge is to not take his decisions to the extremes, but to stay middle of the road as his name indicates it is easy for him to get off balance under stress.

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