Can Terrorism Be Stopped?

By: Jack Duffy, Special for USDR

Is terrorism growing in the world today? Most experts would agree that the global terrorist threat is greater now than at any other time in history. Six months ago few people had heard of ISIS, the Islamic State of Iraq and Syria. Today despite being outnumbered and out equipped by …a U.S. trained Iraqi army, ISIS is in control of a large part of Iraq and a small part of Syria. ISIS now has tremendous funding after taking over Iraqi banks worth about $500 million. In addition they have acquired equipment from Iraqi army units that fled in their path. Eric Holder recently said he has extreme concern about ISIS bomb makers as the group has threatened to bring the war to the U.S. He considers ISIS a deadly threat to America. ISIS is not the only group threatening America. Hezbollah, the terrorist proxy Iran established in Lebanon in the 1980’s is now at our southern border. It has a base in Venezuela and has linked up with drug cartels to access our borders. It is estimated that about 100 Muslims each day are crossing them. Despite such an ongoing threat, Obama is offering those illegals who identify themselves free transportation within the U.S.

Will Obama’s plan to fight terrorism work? In May President Obama laid out a blueprint for fighting terrorism in a speech at West Point. His plan relies less on American soldiers and more on training troops in countries where threats have developed. This approach immediately became suspect when ISIS swept across the same Iraqi battlefields where thousands of Americans lost their lives. This terrorist offensive was possible because of the collapse of the American trained Iraqi Army. The White House is struggling to contain them with tactics that will take months or longer to be effective. President Obama recently announced a plan to spend $500 million to train and equip rebels in Syria. The military has indicated it would be months or longer before fighters would be ready. The U.S. faces months of rebuilding to repair the Iraqi army which it trained over 10 years at a cost of $25 billion.

Since the last troops were pulled out of Iraq in 2011 Al Qaeda has started to regain momentum. Too many Americans have died and been wounded for life to allow this to happen. When President Bush left office in January 2009 most military experts agreed the U.S. was winning the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan. The surge had severely hurt Al Qaeda and its leadership had suffered massive losses. The situation has now become worse under President Obama’s leadership. Our enemies have become more powerful and aggressive in these wars. The Taliban achieved a major political and propaganda victory recently when Obama agreed to exchange several high ranking Taliban leaders for one American soldier. Many have criticized that decision as setting a bad precedent for future Presidents. Israel has a long policy of refusing to negotiate with terrorists. In 1976 Israel extended negotiations with terrorists long enough to allow an Israeli Commando operation to rescue hostages in Uganda at Entebbe Airport. Negotiations with Black September terrorists at the 1972 Munich Olympic Games ended in the massacre of Israeli athletes. President Carter failed to successfully negotiate the release of American hostages in Iran for over a year. If terrorists know they can achieve their goals through blackmail there will never be an end to kidnappings, hijackings and other criminal acts. History has proven that strength deters enemies while weakness does the opposite. There is a reason America left troops in Germany, Japan, Italy and Korea after fighting wars there. They were there to keep the peace and help rebuild those countries. I believe the U.S. will have to do the same thing in Iraq and Afghanistan. As long as radical Islam exists in the form of Al Qaeda, ISIS and other groups the U.S. will always have to be on guard for future attacks.

Will terrorism ever be dead in our country? Sadly I don’t believe terrorist attacks will ever completely stop in the U. S. or the rest of the world. Our borders have become too easy to penetrate and there will always be fanatics who want to kill innocent civilians. 9/11 was a wakeup call for our country. Since then we have made huge advances in homeland security to protect our country. Unfortunately terrorists can still attack us like the Boston Marathon and the Benghazi Embassy. I am fearful that someday Al Qaeda or another group will explode a nuclear weapon inside the U.S. As long as we have strong leadership the U.S. will always survive to fight another day.

Jack Duffy is a trial lawyer. He is the author of “The Man From 2063” and the upcoming novel “B.L.A.C.K. M.A.M.B.A.” about terrorism. He is the CEO and President of “The Man from 2063, Inc.”. He is the host of “The Man From 2063” national radio show. He is a legal commentator and frequent guest on national radio. He is a guest writer for national publications. He is a JFK assassination researcher and speaker. He lives in Fort Worth, Texas.

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