Celebrating the End

By IFAW, Special for  USDR

On Saturday night Feld Entertainment announced that Ringling Bros. and Barnum & Bailey Circus will close permanently in  May.

The traveling circus, which has operated for over a century, has long relied on exploitative animal acts to sell tickets. Though Ringling’s elephants were retired last year in the face of mounting public pressure, captive big cats and other wild animals have remained in the  show.

Animals used for circus displays are forced to perform unnatural behaviors, driven by inhumane training techniques and other negative reinforcement. Big cats may be declawed, defanged, or otherwise mutilated in the name of making them “safe” for contact with human  performers.

“Ringling Bros. has a long history of animal exploitation and abuse, and we are glad to see the circus’s animal acts coming to an end,” said Beth Allgood, IFAW’s U.S. Country Director. “The circus’s closure highlights changing public perceptions—consumers are increasingly rejecting entertainment options that rely on mistreatment of captive wildlife, and companies are recognizing that animal cruelty is simply bad  business.”

IFAW has long advocated for an end to the exploitation of big cats in the U.S., and works to rescue captive tigers, lions and other cats across the  country.

“We applaud Feld Entertainment’s decision, and we urge the company to place the circus’s big cats and other animals in legitimate sanctuaries,” Allgood noted. “IFAW is committed to ensuring that rescued and surrendered animals, including those once used in entertainment, receive quality lifetime  care.”

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