CEOs Support Bipartisan Trade Legislation

By ABC, Special for  USDR

The members of the American Business Conference (ABC), CEOs of midsize, job-creating companies, today expressed their support for new bipartisan legislation, the Congressional Trade Priorities and Accountability Act of 2015 (TPA-15).  TPA-15 would give the President trade promotion authority while establishing comprehensive negotiating objectives and providing for expedited Congressional consideration of any new trade agreements.   Summarizing the views of ABC members, John Endean, President of ABC,  said:

“We applaud Senators Hatch and Wyden and Congressman Ryan for their leadership in developing, in collaboration with the Obama Administration, new trade promotion authority legislation.  TPA-15 is the first important pro-growth legislation in recent memory.  Its introduction, we hope, reflects a more general bipartisan commitment to helping American business and agriculture succeed in the global  marketplace. 

“Midsize and small businesses, the job creators in our economy, particularly benefit from the establishment of rules-based, market opening agreements as they try to sell their goods and services in developing markets overseas.  ABC members hope Congress will move quickly and affirmatively on  TPA-15.” 

The American Business Conference was founded in 1981 by Arthur Levitt, Jr.  ABC’s current Chairman is Alfred P. West, Jr., CEO of SEI Investments, Oaks,  Pennsylvania.

SOURCE American Business  Conference

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