Certified Fragrance Sales Specialists? What Will They Think of Next?

By Jeremy Morris, Associate Editor, US Daily Review.

Having a heard choosing a fragrance for that special someone? The nose doesn’t always know? Don’t get help from just anyone, is the advise people are getting today.

Wearing a special fragrance can be one of life’s great personal pleasures. Fragrance can evoke memories, transport you to another place, another time. Fragrance can make you feel sexy, flirty, happy. But choosing the right fragrance for you or for someone else can be one of life’s great challenges! Don’t be overwhelmed at the perfume counter deciding which one to choose. Be sure to seek advice from a Certified Fragrance Sales Specialist at your favorite retailer. They will take you by the hand to guide you to your perfect perfume.

Who are the Certified Fragrance Sales Specialists?  How did they get ‘”certified?” They have participated in The Fragrance Foundation’s Fragrance Sales Specialist Certification Program. Studying, learning and passing with with top scores, an in-depth,  online fragrance exam developed and administered by the Foundation since 1994 with the help of the best minds in the fragrance business. The study content includes 5 chapters, 78 topics ranging from the history of fragrance, fragrance “families” and how to guide  today’s customer.  “Over 100 pages of reading material is required in order to even take the certification test, let alone pass it. It takes dedication and love of fragrance  to become  certified,” comments Mary Ellen Lapsansky, Vice President, The Fragrance Foundation.

The newly-minted fragrance experts from the Fall 2011 and Spring 2012 sessions can be found behind the fragrance counter at a favorite retailer. You may never have heard of this program, but it is the fragrance industry’s recognized standard of fragrance training excellence and its purpose is to provide the very highest standard of service, knowledge and customer care.

With a few well-chosen questions of their own, these specialists will help you find a fragrance that you love and that loves you right back.  How to find them? Look for the green and silver lapel pin they earned the old-fashioned way that designates them as really, really good at what they do and don’t hesitate to talk to them. A Certified Fragrance Sales Specialist is eager to transform a mere trip to the counter into a journey of pleasure, delight and discovery.

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