Chris Oyakhilome is Renewing the Future Africa with NGO InnerCity Mission

“The InnerCity Mission has proven to be one of its kind in this regard and the impact of Chris Oyakhilome on the communities in Nigeria, Ghana and Uganda have not gone unnoticed.”

Over the last several years, an incredible effort has been made by both individuals and organizations around the world to help improve the life conditions in Africa. Some contributions are made with physical support by volunteer groups and others are contributing in monetary value and support. Together, the world has fixed their attention on Africa and the needs of the indigenous people living within her continental borders.

Non-governmental organization (NGO), InnerCity Mission for Children, is one of many NGOs to be serving the underprivileged nations throughout Africa. With main focuses in countries such as Nigeria, Ghana and Uganda – the InnerCity Mission for Children (under the leadership of Nigerian leader of humanitarian efforts, Chris Oyakhilome) is currently operating five fully functioning schools and serving over 1,000 children. This number continues to increase year after year with each campaign and initiative the organization hosts.

Chris Oyakhilome is known for his support of nation development and pursuing the future of young African leaders. Through the InnerCity Mission for Children, Chris Oyakhilome has engaged community efforts towards programs that span family strengthening, child health and nutrition, childcare and support, and child development.

With so many problem areas to focus on in these regions, it is rare to find one organization that supports children in every facet. The InnerCity Mission has proven to be one of its kind in this regard and the impact of Chris Oyakhilome on the communities in Nigeria, Ghana and Uganda have not gone unnoticed. The humanitarian efforts over the years have been featured on countless media platforms and locals are beginning to recognize the change in their surroundings.

However, such changes are not only felt on the national level. Months, if not years before this kind of impact is seen on the surface – it is taking place in the homes of local inhabitants and citizens. The life of a child is transformed when support such as that of the InnerCity Mission, and other organizations of its kind, is allocated solely to the child’s education and development.

According to UNICEF, 57 million children of Primary School age are not in school, half of these [28.5 million] are in Sub-Saharan Africa. The InnerCity Mission School is a direct platform through which we provide quality nursery and primary education to indigent children absolutely free of charge.

With more than 40% of African households living below the line of poverty, it becomes difficult for a society to imagine a better way. This alone affects the developing child far deeper than the physical needs on the surface. The InnerCity Mission for Children has made efforts to focus on the development of the children, for the sake of a better tomorrow and a better Africa. This population living below the line of poverty is often found throughout developing nations that are lacking the basic services to provide a sustainable living situation. More often than not, children being born into these environments are growing up to live in slum conditions as poor city dwellers with little to no access to basic needs such as healthcare and education.

With a focus specifically on the development of the child, the InnerCity Mission seeks to provide more than just sustainable living. The InnerCity Mission is one of its kind, as it addresses the mental and spiritual needs of the children having to grow up in these conditions. Within the offered mentorship programs, the children receive attention and care that they are likely not receiving at home and from the society. Through teaching, mentoring, training, coaching, tutoring and counseling initiatives, this organization is sure to make a great impact in the future generations of young Africans.

It is no mystery that nutrition and heath play a vital role in the ability to focus, learn and engage with others. This NGO hosts regular Food Drives, as well as a Food Bank, for the communities in which these schools are being operated. According to the organization, “poor nutrition and starvation affect a child’s physical, mental and social well-being. Children who do not get proper nutrition struggle to concentrate on their studies and are unable to thrive in school.” They have implemented a School Feeding Program that provides each student with 1 meal a day, while in some more dire cases – provide breakfast, lunch and dinner to take home.

Currently, the InnerCity Mission for Children is running a campaign that seeks to provide an entire year of schooling for children who are less than fortunate to receive a proper education otherwise. They have called it “Back-To-School Campaign of 2019” and it seeks sponsors and partners that wish to take part in giving children an equal opportunity to education.

Several stories of local families that have been supported through the efforts of humanitarian leader, Chris Oyakhilome, have circulated major news publications and platforms worldwide. An incredible awareness has been raised for the children in need around the world and this is only the beginning of the overarching global support that is still yet to come.



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