Classic Buckle Apple Watch Band Vs Modern Buckle: Which is Right for You

A strap is a strap. Right? No, especially in the case of an Apple Watch. The market has a wide range of smartwatch bands, which not only improve the appearance of your gadget but also make it comfortable to wear around the wrist for many hours daily. A highly popular product on the list of straps is a classic buckle Apple Watch band. However, many times, buyers get confused between a classic and modern buckle. How are they different, and which one should you buy?

As the name suggests, an Apple Watch classic buckle is a classic band for your modern device. Although the buckle is a classic accessory, it has a refreshing new take on tradition. On the other hand, a modern buckle provides a unique appearance to a device. 

Comparison: Classic Buckle vs Modern Buckle

Although many people believe the only difference between a classic and modern buckle is the appearance, there are multiple things that differentiate these two leather Apple Watch band types.

  • Design: A classic buckle for an Apple Watch is a more professional-looking band than a modern buckle, especially in black leather. In addition, a genuine classic accessory provides a dramatic two-tone look with colour-matched edge stitching. On the other hand, a modern buckle looks the same. 

When it comes to colour, both a classic and modern buckle are available in multiple colours. 

  • Material: An Apple Watch leather classic buckle is made of quality calf leather that ages over time. Apart from that, the band’s exterior features leather grains while the interior has a lining, which creates a two-tone look for the watch.

On the other hand, smooth top-grain leather is used to make a modern buckle. Here, the leather is lightly milled to offer a refined texture to the buckle. 

  • Buckle: Staying true to its name, a classic buckle has a classic buckle in a new style, which creates a minimalistic vibe. In the case of a modern buckle, there is a solid buckle that features a two-piece magnetic closure to easily secure your watch around the wrist. Apart from that, the modern strap comes with an inner layer Vectran weave, which adds strength to the band.
  • Price: First things first, get a third-party Apple Watch buckle to get a band at a cost-effective price. An official modern buckle may cost around $149, while a third party strap can be bought at just $79. At a reputed third-party supplier, you can buy a classic buckle Apple Watch band at as low as $59. In addition, you can purchase a third-party band in many colours to match it with your personality. 

Classic Buckle or Modern Buckle: Which is Right for You

Both a classic and a modern buckle have their unique features and applications. However, an Apple Watch classic buckle offers a more professional look. Apart from that, a classic piece is available in many colours at a great supplier. 

Overall, both the bands are good for an Apple Watch. A classic strap offers a combination of modern appearance and classic touch. On the other hand, a modern buckle is an advanced accessory that provides an attractive appearance to your smartwatch.

Compare properties and features of both types of buckles and choose one that suits your personality and needs. Also, remember that when you are getting an Apple Watch classic buckle from a third-party supplier, ensure that it is a high-quality product that not only offers an appealing touch to your watch but also improves its functionality. 

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