Clean Internet to be Pervasive Within 3 Years

By FlashStart, Special for  USDR

Italian-based internet filtering leader,, is investing to make services more local, effective and affordable. CEO and Founder, Francesco Collini, commented: “When I ran a PC support desk, staff productivity fell due to distractions from the internet. This was my catalyst to create an internet filtering service – allowing businesses to restrict use of the internet in work time but also to vary those rules during work breaks. When I became a father, I wanted every child to live in a world where the ‘safe internet’ is a normal experience, free from threats to impressionable young minds. These aspirations drive the direction of  FlashStart.”

FlashStart, uses DNS technology, hosted in a distributed global cloud, to implement filtering. Every requested web page is checked against a pre-filtered list, filter policy rules are set in an intuitive interface and the service is supported by reporting, alarming and local regulatory blacklist integration, all of which comes as  standard.

Pervasive internet filtering needs to be inexpensive and simple, says Francesco Collini: “We continue to build the leading cloud-based filtering system offering a low price point and excellent capabilities. Our research suggests a strong demand for internet safety and we believe that within 3 years it will be unusual to find networks without  filtering.”

Vice President of sales, David Brebner, said: “To bring our technology to new international markets, we are recruiting new local channel partners and expanding language support. We are offering affordable protection in every market.”  As well as developing local channels, FlashStart is increasing the number of supported local cloud locations across Europe, the Americas and  Asia.

About  FlashStart

FlashStart is a brand of Collini Consulting Group, a privately-owned corporation established in 2001 and headquartered in Cesena, Italy.  FlashStart is focused exclusively on Internet content filtering: it filters more than 20 million website queries each day within its installed base of more than 10,000 companies and organisations.  Core customer segments are SMEs, ISPs, WiFi providers, local Government and schools. FlashStart can be contacted at and offers free trials of its filtering and protection  services.

SOURCE  FlashStart

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