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By The Price of Business (1110 AM KTEK, Houston, TX is the sister radio program of US Daily Review and is Hosted by USDR Publisher and Managing Editor, Kevin Price).  These are interviews Kevin Price had with his contributors and guests. *Sponsored

The Importance of Cloud Computing Today – Howard Lee discuss the Importance of Cloud Computing Today.

Ad Retargeting on the Web – Jonathan Bentz, & Guest Jay Lohmann discussing Retargeting on the Web. Site retargeting, search retargeting, & real time Retargeting.

Solar Energy in West Texas –  Todd Randolph, & Guest Michael Gorton discuss Solar Energy in West Texas. Check out that interview here.

Not Just Another Social Media – Ben Read Talk on this segment of the Price of Business about . Not just another social media. Check out that interview here.

The Place You Go for the Things You Need to get Healthy – Troy  Burwell & Robert Swartley discuss Where to go to Get the things you need to get healthy on this segment of the Price of Business.

Former NFL Opponents Now in Business –  Chris Kidd, & Guests Tye Hill & James Butler discuss being former OPPONENTS and now Business Partners on this segment of the Price of Business. Check out that interview here.

Build Community Online Before Launch –  Roy Morejon discuss  his Marketing Agency on this segment of the Price of Business. Check it here.

Preventative Law – Contributor Marc Krasney discuss “Preventative Law” on this segment of the Price of Business.

Help Your Business become Virtual – Virtual Employment –  Host Ann Santos talks with Virtual Employment at  Franchise Expo South about helping businesses integrate their services to an online platform.

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