Concord Music Invests into Marketing or How to Sell Music Today

While music is no doubt a form of art, the music industry is business. And in order to succeed there, one has to use a variety of promotion tools. Concord Music has just shown the world one of the most efficient solutions that can help a band sell more records nowadays. The company invested in, a digital marketing platform that takes music advertisement to a new  level.

Concord Music Marketing Investment: Just What Is

Nowadays, in order to promote a business, product, brand, or a music band one has to use the same tools. This means utilizing the full power of digital marketing. However, specialized solutions for targeting and data analysis don’t work well when it comes to the business industry. The metrics for this field and a business like an eCommerce store are quite different. The good news is that this unfortunate situation can change  soon.

Concord Music was the first to realize the power of online marketing and consumer behavior analysis. This fact is signified by its investment in The collaboration between the two has started a few years prior, so this last deal has simply made it ‘official’. However, this formal change will definitely have a huge impact on the music industry of  today. is a marketing platform developed specifically for the music industry. Some of its features  include:

  • Collecting and processing data of consumer behaviors.
  • Spreading the relevant info to a variety of promotional sources from podcasts to targeted ads to streaming services.

To give one some idea of how much of a difference these services can make, consider the fact that Exposure, a limited album of Esperanza Spalding recorded live, sold out halfway through the streamed recording. The  reason?

This was a Concord Music project that used for efficient marketing before the live streaming started. This foresight ensured that an audience of loyal fans was there from the beginning, upping the ratings of the  show.

Seeing that resounding success, it’s not a surprise that Concord decided to go all out and invest. A marketing platform like this must be nurtured and developed to maximum efficiency. The best thing is that any music band can use it for self-promotion  today.

How Does a Music Band Make the Most of Digital Marketing  Today?

Using all the most popular online marketing techniques is exactly what one needs to succeed today. That, and having a good website to promote. One also shouldn’t forget about finding the best music band hosting. This kind of business will have to put a lot of ‘heavy’ content onto their website, such as audio, video, and high-resolution images. Therefore, one should be looking for a hosting deal with unlimited bandwidth and guaranteed high-speed and excellent  performance.

With these things taken care of, a band can move on to marketing their ‘product’. Aside from using for targeted ads, effective marketing tools  include:

  • To make the most from influencer marketing, one should do a very thorough audience research. It’s best to start from surveying their current audience. Then, find the popular social media personalities the majority of them follow.
  • Product placement.
    Product placement is an old marketing trick, but it can be a game-changer for music bands. The best thing to do is to get one’s music into a popular show/movie/game.
  • Putting one’s music into various music podcasts (of which there are over 13,000 active) doesn’t provide a lot of monetary reward. However, this boosts the band’s exposure significantly and opens new opportunities.

These marketing techniques are well and good. However, the music industry does need something more efficient and targeted. Concord Music showed the way with their investment. One can only hope this will prompt the development of new advanced solutions that help music bands of today achieve  success.

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