Confiscation of Guns in Connecticut?


Rich Burgess, President of “Connecticut Carry”, a Connecticut pro-gun rights organization appealed for calm and a repeal of Connecticut’s new gun ban laws during this week’s national Armed American Radio broadcast as rumors of gun confiscation and door to door raids engulf Connecticut residents. Regarding the current state of affairs in Connecticut, Mr. Burgess told host Mark Walters:

“We’re very much on the edge and we’re on a see-saw here of civil rights and we’re really trying to fight that here.”
Pressed about rumors of state police making plans to go door to door, Mr. Burgess said:

“As of yet they haven’t done a single thing and we’re actually calling them out on that because of the fact that we believe they’re scared and so before everybody jumps on that bandwagon let’s all simmer down a little bit and not cause a civil war in Connecticut.”

When host Mark Walters suggested the only way to enforce their new law might be to initiate armed raids against those who have not complied by failing to register their guns, Mr. Burgess told the national listening audience,

“We are actually going to be calling for them to enforce the laws however with the caveat of if you don’t enforce the laws, you need to repeal them. We’re going to be making quite clear here in our new program that if they can’t enforce these laws, which we know they can’t and we don’t believe they have the stomach to do so, that the only option is to repeal them.”

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