Cong. Conaway Defends GOP on Payroll Tax as Caucus Throws in the Towel

By the Price of Business, US Daily Review Radio Partner.

The only one that can make Obama "look good" is the GOP lead House.

During the taping of today’s Price of Business (M-F 8 pm CST,, Kevin Price interviewed Congressman Mark Conaway (R-TX) on the GOP’s decision to vote against the Senate’s bill that would extend the payroll tax cuts two months in support of one that would extend it a year.  He fundamentally argued that the Senate version would create an accounting nightmare and would do nothing to create a more predictable business environment, which is so greatly needed in the current economy.  Furthermore, he argues in this interview that the bill would make unemployment benefits extend two years rather than one. Conaway was on the show due to a strong media push by the National Republican Congressional Committee to defend the House GOP’s position.

According to the Congressman’s House website, “Mike’s background as a CPA has given him the credibility to be a vocal proponent in reducing the national debt. Mike believes it is time for Congress to make “tough choices” and has authored “No New Programs” legislation to change the House rules on spending to require that the creation of any new federal program be joined with the elimination of an existing federal program of equal or greater cost. Mike has also advocated for a simpler and fairer tax system in Congress and has sponsored legislation that would bring more accountability in government funding. Mike demonstrated leadership in numerous policy areas and currently serves as a Deputy Republican Whip in the 112th Congress.”

This is that interview in its entirety from this morning. Readers of the US Daily Review saw it before it was aired.

During the interview Congressman Conaway “called on the voters” to contact their US Senators to ask them to pressure Senate Majority Leader Harry Read (D-NV) to bring the Senate back in session and to work our a compromise.  Meanwhile, it appears that House Republicans were working on an entirely different approach. MSNBC is breaking the news that House Republicans are feeling the pressure and are now encouraging the Speaker of the House to proceed with a vote for a two month extension.

It is this kind of “left hand not knowing what the right hand is doing,” that has the House GOP with even lower approval ratings than President Obama.  In the end, both sides are supporting the extension of the cuts, though neither can seriously articulate how it will help spur a very flat economy.

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