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By The Price of Business (1110 AM KTEK, Houston, TX is the sister radio program of US Daily Review and is Hosted by USDR Publisher and Managing Editor, Kevin Price).  These are interviews Kevin Price had with his contributors and guests. *Sponsored

Corporate Formalities – Marc Krasney Corporate Formalities is the topic of discussion on this segment of the Price of Business between Host Kevin
Price and Contributor Marc Krasney. Check out that interview here.

Premier Pre-Schools – Ann Santos & Goddard Pre Schools Host Ann Santos talks to Goddard Pre-Schools at the  Franchise Expo South on this segment of the Price of Business

The Essential Innovation – Ann Santos & Lash Dip Host Ann Santos talks to Lash Dip at the Franchise Expo South on this segment of the Price of Business.

Professional Sports for New Orleans – Chris Kidd & Franklin Thomas Host Kevin Price, Co-Host Chris Kidd, & Guest Franklin Thomas discuss Professional Sports for New Orleans on this segment of the Price of Business.  Check that interview here.

Guerrilla Social Media – Jim Talerico & Eddie Bernard Host Kevin Price, Co-Host Jim Talerico, & Eddie Bernard discuss Guerrilla Social Media on this segment of the  Price of Business. Check out that interview here.

A Chamber’s Big Impact on a City – Charles Alvarez & Barbara Thomason Host Kevin Price, Co-Host Charles Alvarez, & Guest  Barbara Thomason discuss The Big Impact a Chamber Has on a City. Check out that interview here.

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