Could Giuliani Be Onto Something?

By Wayne Allyn Root, Special for  USDR

Great job, Rudy Giuliani! The hero of Sept. 11, 2001 is the hero  again.

Rudy just said what tens of millions of Americans believe. Gee, I wonder why? Let me count the ways that would indicate to anyone who isn’t blind or a complete blithering idiot, that President Barack Obama doesn’t appear to love America, is “different” in his thinking than any other president, and certainly gives the strong impression his true feelings are anti-American, anti-Christian and  anti-Israel.

Before we get to exact quotes direct from Obama’s mouth in the past few surreal days, let’s start with the  obvious.

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Is it a stretch to say someone, especially an American president, doesn’t seem to love America, when he shows loves and support for communist Cuba and the Castro brothers…but shows nothing but disdain for  Israel?

Is it a stretch to say someone, especially an American president, doesn’t seem to love America when he meets with gusto with the head of Jihad-supporting, radical Muslim-supporting Qatar, but refuses to meet with Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin  Netanyahu?

What about when he opens a White House terrorist summit with Muslim prayer, includes primarily Muslim participants, and warmly welcomes the head of Russia’s spy agency (formerly known as the KGB), while excluding the head of America’s  FBI?

What about when he refuses to admit Muslims are terrorists, while his Homeland Security lackeys label those who believe in individual rights and smaller government as the biggest terrorist threats facing  America?

The media thinks it’s a “stretch” for Giuliani to see and hear all that and conclude the White House might be occupied by a radical extremist Marxist and Muslim sympathizer who doesn’t appear to love America? Maybe that’s because when I was Obama’s classmate at Columbia University, my classmates cheered and celebrated the assassination attempt on Ronald Reagan…and today many of my classmates are in the national media. Those are the “unbiased” people judging  Rudy.

Well I stand with Rudy. I believe Rudy is a hero (again) for having the courage to state publicly what so many millions of Americans are thinking. I think Rudy hit the nail right on the  head.

In my national bestseller, “The Murder of the Middle Class,” I predicted Obama would throw aside all attempts at moderation and compromise in his last two years as president. Since he never had to face voters again, I predicted the real Obama would emerge and that he would unleash a radical anti-American, anti-capitalism, anti-Christian, anti-Israel agenda. There is no doubt that is exactly what he has unleashed in the past few  days.

We have a president who actually said Muslim terrorists have “legitimate grievances.” I wonder if Obama believes the Nazis had “legitimate grievances” too? After all, both groups share the same grievance and goal – to murder every Jew in the  world.

We have a president who described the attack by a radical Muslim who murdered four Jews in a kosher deli as “random folks shot in a  deli.”

We have a president who described 21 Coptic Christians beheaded on a beach in Libya by Muslim terrorists as just some “Egyptian citizens.”

As Islamic State beheads and burns to death prisoners in slick promotional videos, Obama’s spokeswoman proposes the solution is finding them jobs. Yes, at the direction of the president, she says this is about “jobs for jihadis.” So I ask the crucial question, “Who’s hiring?” How about Obama? I hear there’s a need for White House interns. Just keep them away from gasoline and  matches.

We have a president who won’t use the words “Muslim” and terrorist in the same sentence, even at aWhite House terrorism  summit.

That summit opened with a Muslim prayer, primarily included Muslims, excluded the head of the FBI, and welcomed the head of the former  KGB.

Even the former head of the CIA, James Woolsey, was flabbergasted and worried by Obama’s  statements.

We have a president who claims Muslims have been “woven into our country’s fabric from the first day”…even though this is a complete  lie.

There were no Muslims present at the founding of America, then, but we did interact with them. America’s first war as a new nation was against Muslims (the Barbary  Pirates).

We have a president who not only won’t tie Muslims to terrorism, but amazingly considers conservatives and anyone who believes in individual rights to be the biggest terrorist  threat.

It’s not as if we don’t have a terrorist threat from radical Islam right here, right now. It was just Sunday that we heard about a serious jihadist threat against the Mall of America – with Somali immigrants in Minnesota at the center of this frightening  episode.

Yet we have a president desperate to bring more and more Muslim immigrants to our country – including Syrian refugees coming direct from the home of Islamic State, leaving even our own even intelligence community shocked and  frightened.

In the midst of all this, Obama chose to scold Christians at the annual White House prayer breakfast for actions taken hundreds of years ago during the  Crusades.

Obama doesn’t just blame Christians. He blames Jews too. He refuses to meet with the Prime Minister of Israel, at the same time he meets enthusiastically with Jihad-supporting  Qatar.

In light of these statements and actions of just the past few days, what exactly is wrong or “extreme” about Rudy Giuliani’s statement about the president? What conclusion would you draw? Who’s side is Obama on? Obama’s thinking can only be described by any normal American as  “foreign.”

Personally, I think our president is moonlighting with a second job – as the new Chief Lobbyist and public relations flack for the Muslim world. It’s clear he has found one job he’s good  at.

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