Create Your Own Economy

By  Michelle Seiler-Tucker, Special for  USDR

A few things are certainly true today: President Obama is finally seeing approval ratings teetering around the 50/50 level recently – which is great for him. This is worth about as much as saying that progress is underway in the fight against poverty in third world countries – which is true, it’s just happening excruciatingly slowly; and it depends on who you ask or where to go to obtain that information! Complicated problems aren’t they, and by the end of the day it all feels like a bunch of smoke and  mirrors.

Economists are saying that unemployment is diminishing but nearly nine million Americans remain jobless. Times are extraordinarily tough for most of everyone in Europe, Japan, and the Oil & Gas industry regardless of where your business is headquartered. It’s doubtful that the rising approval ratings of the current American Executives correlates with any direct actions of Mr. Obama. The remarkable apathy toward government in America that has been built up over the past decade is starting to diminish and it looks like President Obama is an immediate benefactor. But I think people are so foolish at times. They are blindsided by flawless smiles and really well put on puppet shows—that’s all politicians are these days  anyway.

Is this really a good idea? What happens if the numbers that economists are so tickled by are incorrect, embellished, or irrelevant? What happens when the Federal Open Markets Committee changes interest rates and it turns out America was not properly prepared for it. That’s my fear and it will probably result in a different brand of chaos than the one we are so familiar with presently. Corporations will be forced to slash capital expenditures, discretionary payroll, and earnings expectations as a result. This will be the recession to end all recessions. With no global support available in the immediate aftermath of whatever inevitable monetary shifts will be required by another global collapse, America will be forced to figure out the solution alone, again. No amount of surprise, overnight stimulus from any foreign country is likely to remove the funk that will accompany the next global  recession.

Instead of betting on policy changes, luck, or the existing plan working to perfection thus necessitating no changes of any kind, perhaps alternatives should be considered. My alternative is to create your own economy. Start small by acknowledging your fear of the economy plummeting but stop right there—with acknowledgement. Don’t let economists and naysayers get you down, because my philosophy is that with a life plan you can stay on track towards your own success despite external factors. It’s partially about attitude and a lot about timing. When the time is right , buying a business with limited exposure to global macroeconomic events, established cash flows, and devoted clients may be your ticket to financial freedom and clarity. Likewise, if you Sell Your Business for More than It’s Worth, you can take all that cash you get and stuff it under your mattress for a rainy  day.

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