Creating $200 Million Super Fund to End Careers of Obama & Hillary

By Wayne Allyn Root, Special for  USDR

Loose lips sink ships. Here is how Republican donors can sink the ships of both Obama and  Hillary.

Democrats claim all rich people are Republicans. Not true. The super rich are actually a mixture of Democrats (mostly trial lawyers and spoiled brats who inherited their money) and sleazy sell-outs- willing to play both sides, or sell out either party to get what they  want.

But there are more than enough rich Republican super donors (think Koch brothers, Donald Trump, Sheldon Adelson, Steve Wynn, Vince McMahon, and don’t forget Mitt Romney). Why aren’t they stepping up to the plate? Put your money where your mouth is. The media is dominated by biased liberal frauds. Conservatives can’t win in the media. We can only win by going over the media’s head. It’s time to make a PR  splash.

It’s time to use capitalism and the power of greed (the things Democrats claim to hate so much) to save America. We need a group of wealthy Republicans to pool their money together to offer a series of rewards to break open the criminal conspiracies of both Obama and Hillary Clinton. It’s time to make an offer too big to  refuse.

Conservative billionaire donors like those I named above need to pool together a reward pot of $200 million. For a group of billionaires, that’s “chump change.” That’s like you or me taking $100 out of our  wallet.

But it’s enough money to get the attention of America. $200 will loosen lips. For $200 million in reward money, everyone who knows something will  talk.

Here is how we save  America:

Offer $50 million to implicate Obama and top WH aides in the Obamacare  fraud.

We already know from Jonathan Gruber’s lips that Obamacare was total fraud, deception and misrepresentation. Gigantic lies were made up to sell it. Like Watergate the crucial question is- who knew and when did they know  it?

We need witnesses to come forward to report the names of everyone at the meetings when it was agreed Obamacare could only pass by lying about not losing your doctor…and not losing your insurance policy…and not raising health insurance premiums for middle class families…and not creating massive debt…and not killing jobs. And how about the inside details of the $1 billion of taxpayer money wasted on foreign companies (who just happened to be friends of the Obamas) to build and fix a defective  website.

This was a classic criminal conspiracy. Everyone involved needs to go to prison. This was the world’s first trillion-dollar scam. $50 million should get people talking. Maybe Jonathan Gruber himself would take $50 million and immunity from prosecution versus spending the rest of his life in a prison  cell?

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