Crossovers, Pickup Trucks Lift August Sales Nearly 14 Percent, According To Kelley Blue Book


 New-vehicle sales are expected improve 13.6 percent in August 2013 to a total of 1.46 million units, according to Kelley Blue Book, the leading provider of new and used car information.  While affordable financing and generous incentive offers continue to more than offset any downside risk associated with steadily rising average transaction prices, low supply continues to impede the growth of major automakers such as Ford, Subaru and Hyundai.  Given current market conditions, Kelley Blue Book believes that sales will remain on track to hit 15.6 million units in 2013.

Accord, Civic and CR-V Help Honda Lead the Way with 17.3 Percent Improvement in August
Honda has enjoyed tremendous growth so far this year, with sales up more than 8.4 percent year-to-date through July, thanks to the success of the redesigned Accord, Civic and CR-V.  Meanwhile, although not expected to post double-digit gains this month, Ford has seen sales volume improve nearly 13 percent so far this year, benefitting from its own batch of well-received redesigns.  The bar is raised to new heights with every passing model year and with so many fuel-efficient, stylish alternatives available today, it has never been a better time to buy a new car.

“Most automakers are seeing double-digit sales increases compared to last year as retail sales remain a bright spot, even with more new models entering the market,” said Alec Gutierrez, senior analyst at Kelley Blue Book.  “Subaru continues to shine, estimated to be up 30 percent this month even with capacity constraints, and Honda once again has one of the strongest year-over-year growths.  On the other hand, Ford could have been up double digits, but has been hampered with production issues from both the Escape and Fusion.”

Sales Volume 1 Market Share 2
Manufacturer Aug-13 Aug-12 YOY % Aug-13 Aug-12 YOY %
General Motors (Buick, Cadillac, Chevrolet, GMC) 265,000 240,520 10.2% 18.2% 18.7% -0.6%
Ford Motor Company (Ford, Lincoln) 216,000 196,749 9.8% 14.8% 15.3% -0.5%
Toyota Motor Company (Lexus, Scion, Toyota) 214,000 188,520 13.5% 14.7% 14.7% 0.0%
Chrysler Group (Chrysler, Dodge, Jeep, RAM) 168,000 148,472 13.2% 11.5% 11.6% 0.0%
American Honda (Acura, Honda) 154,000 131,321 17.3% 10.5% 10.2% 0.3%
Nissan North America (Infiniti, Nissan) 113,000 98,515 14.7% 7.7% 7.7% 0.1%
Hyundai-Kia 119,000 111,127 7.1% 8.2% 8.6% -0.5%
Volkswagen Group (Audi, Volkswagen) 54,000 52,538 2.8% 3.7% 4.1% -0.4%
Total 3 1,460,000 1,285,292 13.6%
Historical data from OEM sales announcements
2 Kelley Blue Book Automotive Insights
3 Includes brands not shown

Trucks, Crossovers Remain Atop Growth Segments, While Compacts Aren’t Far Behind
The growth in the truck segment appears to have no end in sight, thanks in large part to the rise in new home construction taking place across the United States.  In addition to gains attributed to the housing market, the auto industry is heading into the time of year where truck sales tend to ramp up.  With seasonal demand predicted to increase during the next few months, Kelley Blue Book expects growth in the full-size pickup truck segment to continue unabated.

“The mid-size car segment, which had many redesigned models introduced last year, is expected to be down nearly 2 percent in market share and is being challenged by compact cars for the top segment, while both the large truck and compact crossover segments are seeing the most improvement, up nearly 1 percent,” said Tim Fleming, analyst at Kelley Blue Book.  “The launch of the new Toyota Corolla next month could provide the necessary sales for compact cars to become the leading segment in the industry.”

Sales Volume 1 Market Share
Segment Aug-13 Aug-12 YOY % Aug-13 Aug-12 YOY %
Mid-Size Car 230,000 222,695 3.3% 15.8% 17.3% -1.6%
Compact Car 225,000 190,338 18.2% 15.4% 14.8% 0.6%
Compact Crossover 185,000 151,480 22.1% 12.7% 11.8% 0.9%
Full-Size Pickup Truck 185,000 151,937 21.8% 12.7% 11.8% 0.9%
Subcompact Car 62,000 56,094 10.5% 4.2% 4.4% -0.1%
Total 2 1,460,000 1,285,292 13.6%
1 Kelley Blue Book Automotive Insights
2 Includes segments not shown
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