CS GO Pre-Game Preparation – Get better at the Game by making sure your Tools are Optimized


You might think that the only way to get better at the game is to improve on mechanics and strategy.  There are other ways in which you can become a better CS GO player however and today we’re looking at what you can do. What a lot of players overlook is the fact that they’re playing on sub-optimal settings for both their machines and their games. They just play on the “out of the box” settings,  which means that they can be at a big disadvantage. Are you curious to see what you can improve to get the absolute best gaming experience? Keeping reading to find out as we explain what can be done in terms of pre-game  preparation.

Computer  settings

Computers are not like consoles, meaning that they come in different shapes and with different specifications. Two computers can have a world of difference between them so it’s impossible for game developers to optimize a game after computer settings. You don’t have to worry as this just means that you might need to mess around with settings a bit. Make sure that your computer is running on its best resolution and also make sure that there are no system services which might be blocking your access to CS GO. Even if it doesn’t stop you from accessing the game, things like the system firewall or built-in antivirus might make your FPS  drop.

Tweak the game for the  player

In a similar fashion, two players will approach the game differently. This means that you should optimize the settings so that they fit you. There are many options built around player preferences such as mouse sensitivity.  Make sure that you are using the settings on which you are most comfortable and feel best playing. Keep in mind that you might be already used to the not so optimal settings so it might take a little while to get used in game to your new settings. Tweaking your game is very useful because you might just find out that your brightness level was too low for example, preventing you to see dark  corners.

Spend time working out your keys and  controls

When you first open the game, you have your default controls which you can use without a problem up to a point. As you advance in ranks, you will find more versatile and skilled opponents that you never seem to beat. That might be because they use key binding on map their keyboard keys to specific commands. It’s important to know all the CSGO commands if you are to be efficient on map. By mapping out your controls  you can have a massive tactical advantage since you are able to literally have all your commands at the press of a  button.

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