Dealing with Two Earthquakes at a Time

By HHRD, Special for USDR.

Another earthquake has rattled Nepal 3 weeks after the first devastating 7.8 magnitude quake killed more than 8000  people.

Helping Hand for Relief and Development (HHRD) mobilized its Emergency Response Team from Pakistan within hours to help Nepal Earthquake  victims.

HHRD President and CEO, Farrukh Raza is in Nepal as the second 7.3 magnitude earthquake hit. He mentioned that the epicenter of this earthquake is different than the first earthquake, “Nepal is still not out of the woods. Officials are telling us that there may be more. People in Kathmandu are sleeping in the streets because they are too scared to go back in. They are in need of tents, blankets, shelter, tarps, anything that can give them cover.” HHRD’s emergency response team is still on the ground providing food, water, hygiene kits, health and hygiene sessions, blankets, medicines and medical services. A lot of help is needed, please donate at

Detailed meetings with Kathmandu BIR Hospital surgeons and Nepal Orthopedic Hospital, along with speaking to the earthquake victims has helped draft the plan of  action.

HHRD’s emergency team includes Rehabilitation Specialists, Medical Equipment and Supplies and Physical Rehabilitation items. HHRD team in Nepal has increased the capacity of local organizations tremendously as HHRD was one of the first ones to  respond.

Irfan Khurshid, Advisor International Programs mentioned during a phone interview from Nepal that, “Monsoon season is around the corner, they need everything, you name it, but especially food, blankets and  shelter.”

HHRD is actively reaching out to the global community for assistance in this  emergency.

HHRDs President urged people, “Our responsibility has grown further, Nepal is an already poor country, and 90% cannot sleep in their homes. Come and help these victims of this major earthquake. (HHRD) Team is here and will stay here until we are satisfied that everyone is being taken care of and will continue with rehabilitation and development  phase”

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